Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence™

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  • How long can my pet wear the receiver collar?
  • Getting the proper fit on the receiver collar.
  • How old should my pet be before I start training?
  • My pet keeps running through the boundary.
  • My pet reacts strongly to the static stimulation and has become fearful.
  • Training your pet to a containment system: Step 1: Flag Recognition
  • Training your pet to a containment system: Step 2: Distraction Phase
  • Training your pet to a containment system: Step 3: Unleashed Supervision & Monitoring
  • Where do I put my boundary flags?
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  • Can I use more than one receiver collar on the system?
  • Can the receiver collar be placed on my pet’s present collar?
  • Do I have to bury the wire? If so, how deep?
  • How do I drain the battery’s energy from the receiver collar?
  • How do I repair a damaged wire (splicing wires)?
  • How do I run the wire over my driveway?
  • How long will it take me to install an in-ground fence?
  • I have a break in my wire. How do I find it?
  • My receiver collar activates inconsistently.
  • My system does not work.
  • Setup Step 1: Positioning and installing the boundary wire
  • Setup Step 2: Connecting the wires to the transmitter
  • The power and loop lights are off on my transmitter.
  • The receiver collar is activating in places it shouldn’t (inside the house, far from the wire).
  • The receiver is beeping but not providing static stimulation.
  • What is the double loop layout and why do I need to do it?
  • What is the ideal boundary width?
  • What types of containment system are available?
  • Will static stimulation harm my pet?
  • Will the containment system keep other pets out of my garden?
  • Which collars are compatible with which systems?
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