About Us

We at PetSafe® are a company of pet lovers – we literally bring our dogs to work every day.  Each of our products is designed with our own pets in mind.  Like all pet owners, we are looking for new and better ways we can relate to and care for our pets. 

Contribution and Outreach
We believe it is important to give back and make a contribution to our local community as well as to the pet community at large.  A few ways we do this include sponsoring public dog parks, our efforts to build Knoxville, Tennessee into the Pet Friendliest Community in the USA, establishing the Clinical Animal Behavior chair at the University of Tennessee, and many more.

Our Values
In terms of PetSafe® corporate culture, we strive to live up to our values everyday.  These values, outlined by CEO Randal Boyd at the company’s founding, frame our day-to-day work environment.  It’s almost impossible to spend a day at PetSafe® and not witness our values in action

Where does such a great culture come from?  He would never take the credit for it but he certainly has a lot to do with it – our culture is fostered by Randal Boyd, our CEO.  His passion for our company, our people, our pets, and products really shines through in the decisions he makes for the company.  Randy, along with our Board of Directors, has built PetSafe® from the ground up to a multi-million dollar corporation.