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Veterinary consultant, David Chamberlain, was a practising vet for over 20 years and has a particular interest in pet behaviour. Today he is an advisor to PetSafe® and one of his key objectives is to identify opportunities to develop innovative, ethical, and efficacious pet accessories that will improve the quality of life for companion animals and that will promote a positive pet-owner relationship.

Safe camping with your dog (part 1)

Unless you are into seriously wild camping most tents will be pitched on campsites so your first priority must be checking if your selected campsite is dog friendly. Campsites can be very busy places resembling tented villages.  You have to … Continue reading

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Cats Drinking Requirements + Drinkwell® Pet Fountains

There are a few things in life which are essential for our survival. We feel very uncomfortable if we have insufficient air, sleep, food and water but most of us take these commodities for granted. Currently an inadequate supply of … Continue reading

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Dogs and Vets are Scientists

The importance of play to dogs Dogs and vets have similarities in their characteristics.  David Chamberlain explores what these are. Dogs and Vets are Scientists! Try a lot of things and keep what works – is a common component in … Continue reading

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