Are cats just as loving as dogs?

We all know the saying that a dog is man’s best friend, which can mean their feline counterpart gets overlooked in the loving and affectionate stakes. Cats are often thought of as being more independent and detached pets, but we think this is very much a common myth and that they are in fact just as loving as canines when you know what to look out for!

Cats’ ways of showing affection to us might be more subtle, but if you know the signs to watch for in their body language then you’ll become aware of just how often they consciously show us their feelings. Purring and the noises cats make can be a sign of contentment but there are more obvious behaviours that leaves you in no doubt that your cat is being affectionate.

One of the most common is when cats rub their face on you as this action shows them marking their territory, or, in other words, you as their property! This is a lovely sign of association and familiarity that means your feline wants to let others know you are all theirs, through the pheromones this behaviour will release.

Ever feel like you sometimes have a four-legged shadow following you around the house? It might be a little inconvenient at times, but this is actually a compliment in a cat’s eyes. It’s essentially them showing their interest; just as we would choose to spend time being physically close with a partner, they are choosing to be near to you as a sign of their devotion. Some cats are more energetic in their physical demonstrations, and just like dogs do they will eagerly greet you at the door when you get home, as a way of showing their happiness at your return.

Cats eyes are very large and expressive so many believe these can be another indication of their mood. You may often see them with an unblinking stare, however if you spot a slow eye blink this is also a wonderful sign of affection. Why not try playing them at their own game and see if a slow and determined blink to your feline will get you one in return, and see just how much they care for you.

Finally, you may have dismissed it as a good stretch or attempt to scratch their back, but if your cat has a tendency to roll over in order to expose their belly to you then this is another signal that they trust and love you. It is a vulnerable position for a feline, and one which they would never do outside or in the presence of strange cats, so this little act is possibly one of the most obvious ways cats use for showing they are comfortable and content. Be careful, however, not to act on the temptation to ruff up your cat’s tummy when exposed as this can alarm them and they’ll quickly stop showing it to you! So next time you see a glimpse of a furry tum you can feel safe in the fact that you are a loved owner of one satisfied feline.


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