How to find a lost cat

As fellow pet lovers and owners, we truly understand how upsetting it is if your cat goes missing. And your natural reaction is to panic. However it is far more important, and more useful, to make a search plan and start looking as soon as possible.

To cover all bases and exhaust your options, follow our pointers:

  • Search indoors
    Before doing anything else, search high and low in your house. Take a torch/flashlight and treats with you, moving from room to room and look in small spaces, cupboards and on top of furniture.
  • Stay calm
    Think like a cat. Have you just moved house or introduced another pet or a baby into the house? They may have found comfort somewhere they are familiar with.
  • Ask around
    If you can’t spot them within the house or surrounding ground, it’s time to reach a little further afield. Find any recent photos and visit neighbours, ask to check their outdoor spaces and leave a contact number in case they see anything.
  • Leave home comforts outside
    Whilst you’re out and about, leave food, water and a litter tray by the door for your wandering kitty to use in case they arrive back.
  • Make posters
    Create posters with a photo and description of unique markings and colours, where and when they were last seen and your contact details. Place the posters around your neighbourhood on main roads and in local shops. Take the below for example of a well presented and clear poster.Downloadable from here.


  • Go online and try social media
    It’s important to create and share a photo and description on social media, send it to local Facebook pages that can share it to a larger audience. It’s also beneficial to submit a description to websites such as CatAware who work as a community to report any missing or found cats according to postcodes.
  • Notify local vets
    Get in touch with the relevant shelters and vets with your cat’s information and visit whenever possible to look for your pet.
  • If you’ve just moved…
    If you’ve recently moved house, check your old neighbourhood if possible. Cats have a strong homing instinct and will find their way to familiar surroundings so may have got themselves back to where you used to live.

It is important not to give up hope when looking for a lost cat, and keep a good group of friends or family with you- more eyes mean more likelihood of finding your missing pet.

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