How to take brilliant pictures of your cat!

Remember when selfies were still a novel concept? How times have changed!
Today, many of us won’t think twice about holding our phone out for a quick snap – and then sharing the result on Facebook or Instagram.

Taking photos has become part of our daily lives and we’re constantly snapping away, whether it’s a frustrated snapshot on your miserable morning commute, a mouth-watering close-up of last night’s delicious dinner or a cute family pic.

There’s just one character who didn’t get the memo – your cat.

Our feline friends have so far resisted the photography craze, remaining coolly indifferent amid a flurry of pouts and filters. And although we love our cats for their nonchalant approach to life, their lack of interest in striking a pose can make it tricky to capture that priceless shot of your pet.

But don’t despair – it is possible to take stunning photos of a camera-shy cat (without bothering them or causing any distress).

Just follow these 5 simple tips to get your puss posing like a natural – or at least keep still long enough for you to work your magic with the camera!



Timing. Is. Everything. So plan your photoshoot carefully.

Taking pictures straight after a fun play session is a good idea, as your cat should be feeling relaxed and safe. You might be rewarded with some adorable candid images of your little companion taking it easy in their favourite spot, or even dozing off.



Don’t limit your efforts to indoors!

Heading outside is a great way to snap pictures of your cat. Most cats love being out and about, plus the natural light can work wonders. You should get some fantastic pictures of your feline enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors.


Girl (7-8) caressing cat at window

We know that cats aren’t the easiest subjects; so have patience.

They might not give you their undivided attention, but they will give you opportunities to take wonderful photos if you’re prepared to put a bit of time and effort in.

Nikon recommends enlisting the help of a friend or family member too – all the best pet portrait photographers have an assistant!


Getting low to the ground can produce some striking, dramatic images of your cat.

If you usually just point the camera down on them, change things up and get down on their eye-level. You’ll see the world from your pet’s perspective and have the chance to add a completely new style of photo to your collection.


Cheese & tabby cat_HR_WhiteWhiskers

This tip comes from Catster.

They recommend piquing your pet’s natural curiosity with a challenge or play opportunity they won’t be able to resist. Once your cat takes the bait, the stage is set for some great action shots. If your need something new to grab their interest, a toy like the FroliCat® CHEESE™ provides an exciting game of peek-a-boo that could result in some fun snaps.

Do you have any tricks of your own when it comes to taking brilliant cat pictures?
Let us know and share your snaps in the comments below!

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