Keeping indoor cats active

With the dangers which the outdoors can bring, more and more people are choosing to keep their cats indoors to ensure their safety. Studies have shown that outdoor cats have far shorter life spans, while most house cats live on average to 15 years of age. The major downside to keeping cats indoors is weight gain due to reduced activity and such weight gain can cause health issues. As well as a lack of physical and mental stimulation, cats can also become bored and lethargic so it’s important to keep house cats regularly engaged and active.

Cats have an inclination to seek out high places as vantage points and any feeling of anxiety can trigger a need to climb that is more difficult for them to achieve inside the home. It’s therefore important for them to have easy access to high, safe places such as the tops of cupboards, wardrobes and bookcases. If you don’t have furniture that is suitable for your cat to climb then specialist shelves, cat ladders and cat furniture are available which can offer climbing and playing opportunities.

Another natural instinct that cats display is scratching, which is a territory marking activity which also helps condition their claws. As owners of indoor cats may know, this can often lead to damage of furniture and objects so it is advisable to get a scratching post made of sturdy material to provide an acceptable alternative. Ensure it’s a stable and solid post that can support your cat’s weight and in an easily accessible position on a vertical surface between 40cm and 70cm from the floor; using treats and praise can also help encourage your cat to use the post to satisfy their scratching requirements!

Interactive toys are another effective solution for indoor cats that may be lacking exercise and mental engagement. Our new range of FroliCat toys are a perfect way to ensure your cat is kept active and stimulated in the comfort of your own home. With a selection of laser and catch toys, there is one to suit every cat. Cats’ fascination with lasers is no secret, and many have watched the endless enjoyment it provides as your cat pounces around after the light. The FroliCat Bolt and Dart laser toys work both independently and by controls so your cat can be kept entertained whether you are home or not.

Cats have natural stalking and hunting instincts that they are often not able to act out indoors. The FroliCat catch toys allow them to do just that whilst engaging your cat in enthusiastic interactive play. Flik is a reactive toy which uses the concept of the old cat favourite – a ball of wool – by throwing a string out and quickly pulling it back. Great fun for both them and you to watch! If your cat prefers to chase then Pounce is the perfect choice, a rotating hide-and-seek cat teaser which has a plastic mouse that moves around a circular path.

If you love your cat enough to guarantee its safety by keeping it indoors, then be sure you are providing them with a healthy and happy life too!


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