Keeping outdoor cats safe

Most cat owners face the dilemma of whether or not to let their cat outdoors. And with ever increasing risks associated with pets roaming outside, there is a rise in the number of indoor cats. Our feline friends do, however, instinctively like to roam, so for those who choose to let their cat outside, there are ways to help make outdoor exploration as safe as possible for them and more reassuring for you.

Absolute musts for outdoor cats include ensuring they have all the necessary up to date vaccinations, such as vaccination against feline leukemia, if they are encountering other cats, and also that they’re identified with a microchip should they stray too far from home. It may also be appropriate for your cat to wear safety collar with an identification tag.

If you live near a busy road and fear there are extra dangers for your cat when outside, but still want to give them the chance to explore, then a solution for this is to secure your garden and provide a safe outdoor area for your cat. There are various cage like enclosures or fence options available to help owners do this (and discourage cats from climbing over them!), so it’s worth researching the best one for you depending on your home and garden. Another advantage of an enclosed garden is that it will also stop other cats from coming in, which can be another source of worry for owners. If you do choose to secure your garden, then you also need to make sure that the area is safe for your cat and has suitable areas and sources of entertainment for them. Places to enjoy the sunshine, climb  to vantage points in high places, take shelter or hide in vegitation are ideal for cats. It’s also worth thinking about whether you need an outdoor litter area in addition to an indoor litter tray, so your cat knows where to do their business! Even some common garden vegetation can be harmful for felines, so check that any plants and flowers that you have are cat friendly, to avoid any health hazards.

For many owners, a big disadvantage of allowing their own cat to come and go from the home as they please means the possibility of other cats entering their home via the same access points, bringing with it possible dangers and risks. Most owners use a cat flap to allow dedicated access, so upgrading to a secure cat flap can help to stop any unwelcome intruders. An example of such a solution is our Microchip Petporte Smart Flap, which reads your cat’s microchip to allow them entry to your home without the need for a collar. Designed to read the most common type of microchip, the Petporte Flap is both wall and door compatible, making it suitable for most homes. These clever cat flaps have helped to revolutionise the lives of thousands of pet owners and their pets, guaranteeing peace of mind for their cat and their home by preventing any unwanted visitors.

With all the various options available for cat owners nowadays, be smart when it comes to your cat’s safety and there’s no need to deny them the enjoyment and freedom that the outdoors can bring.

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