Make sure your pet stays healthy and hydrated this summer

With warmer weather and lighter evenings, we all love the summer months. But as temperatures rise, it’s increasingly important to take extra steps to look after our pets’ health and hydration in the heat.

A main concern for cats and dogs during summer is dehydration and heatstroke, so keeping them well hydrated and cool will help to avoid any heat-related conditions. The good news is there are a few easy ways to prevent your furry friend from becoming dehydrated, so stay in the know for a happy and healthy summer all round.

Keeping cool: Dogs

Dogs can be quite quickly affected by the heat, and dehydration can soon lead to overheating. The best way to prevent this is to make sure they have a constant source of fresh water available to them (and more of it!) during the summer months.

When the weather is fine, we tend to spend more time outside along with our pets, so perhaps invest in a travel water bowl, which is ideal for taking on walks and trips along with a bottle of water for a refreshment and comfort breaks.

Be aware of your dog’s behaviour during any activities in the heat; if they seem like they’re panting more than usual it’s often a sign of overheating which means they’re in need of a drink and rest in the shade.

For those times when your dog is home alone, it’s worth considering a more advanced solution such as a pet fountain. Our Drinkwell® Fountains are designed for dogs of all sizes, to help provide them with constant access to fresh, filtered water to support good hydration.

(Extra tip: on especially hot days, ice cubes can be a refreshing treat for your dog – try putting a few in their water bowl to keep it cool!)

Keeping cool: Cats

Cats can usually cope with warmer temperatures better than their canine friends, but it’s still vital to check they’re drinking enough to stay cool and hydrated in the heat.

If you have an outdoor cat that has a tendency to spend lots of time (napping!) in the garden, then it’s wise to put out an extra water bowl close to them to encourage regular drinking. You may find they drink quite a bit more during summer, so don’t forget to check it regularly to refill. Try and also encourage them to choose shady spots where possible, usually provided by plants but be mindful of whether you need to create some extra ones too.

Cats often prefer to drink directly from a running tap because they can see running water better than they see water with a still surface; this means they’re likely to drink more if it’s from a running stream of water which will keep them hydrated and prevent overheating.

Our Drinkwell® range is suitable for cats too, to help provide a more convenient way to give your cat access to a running stream of water. With its constant supply of fresh and filtered water, it’s great for giving you peace of mind that they have everything they need to keep them happy and hydrated even when you’re not at home.

(Extra tip: Not many cats love water, but you can try using a dampened towel to help cool their fur down if it’s very hot – gently stroke your cat with the towel from the top of their head and down their back).

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