Paws For Thought with Keighley Cat Care

And here it is! The start of our fantastic Paws For Thought Christmas campaign! And what a wonderful charity we have to kick it all off!

The first charity we have chosen is the hard-working team at Keighley Cat Care.

The team at Keighley work for free and rely on funds they raise themselves or by donations from the public, which means you’ll regularly see them at local events and community fundraising days.

The charity has been running for 12 years and is doing an amazing job juggling full time work, vet trips, prospective owner visits, and host of other things all in order to help the cats receive the love and care they deserve.

Based just outside Bradford they take in strays from Bingley, Shipley, Haworth, Oakworth and the surrounding areas.

We went to visit the wonderful Angela Gray who cares for many of the rescued cats in her home until they are fostered out. Angela has been part of the team for five years and thrives on providing a better life for the cats she looks after.

Upon the delivery of the toys (squeezed into the lunchtime of Angela’s full time job), she was delighted with the selection of PetSafe® toys she received. Angela said: “This is the sort of thing that we can’t really afford to treat our cats with…so generally they have to make do with cardboard boxes and rolled up pieces of tin foil, so these toys are just fabulous and will be shared amongst all our cats and enjoyed greatly.”

It was our pleasure to be able to make a difference especially with Christmas approaching and give back to those who work so hard throughout the year.

They have nine foster homes in total and have over 70 cats. They welcome potential fosterers to visit their homes so that they can get to know their purrfect companion.

Whilst visiting Angela we got to meet the more outgoing of her four-legged family; Ocean, Othello, and Pedro, who couldn’t wait to climb into their new box of goodies!

A few of the lucky ones were even waiting to be collected that very evening before being re-homed.

PetSafe® would like to thank Keighley Cat Care for all their hard work and their lovely community for letting us know about everything they do and how they have affected so many people.

If you would like to know more, donate, or foster from Keighley Cat Care, visit their website HERE.

Stay tuned for next week’s Paws For Thought give away.

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