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With all the different products available for our pets nowadays, it can be a little daunting knowing which ones to choose, or more importantly, trust. At PetSafe®, we believe that you should be able to rest assured that any product you give your pet works to help support both their health and happiness, and that’s a philosophy we’ve had since we started in 1991.

A key part of our company is extensive research and product development to ensure everything we produce gives your cat or dog the very best, and as a result gives you peace of mind. Something that sets us apart when it comes to our product development process is our people and their passion and innovation; we have an extraordinary collection of scientists and devoted pet lovers. Our in-house team of engineers and specialists continually research, develop and test new products for pet owners using the latest technologies to keep our products at the leading edge of innovation. Because we know that meeting your pets’ behavioural needs is key to their happiness, we work closely with pet behaviourists and vets to make sure their needs are at the heart of everything we do.

Part of being a responsible owner is providing your pet with products to help keep them active, entertained, support good health and ensure their safety. That’s why our different product ranges each target an important aspect of your pet’s life to help improve not only their quality of life but yours too! Whether it’s helping to make their toilet habits hassle-free (with our ScoopFree solutions), allowing them safe access to the outdoors (with out wide range of Pet Doors) or encouraging them to stay active and engaged (through our Play & Challenge ranges), there’s a product for every one of your cat or dog’s needs. After all, happy pets mean happy owners, which is why we strive to help you create more of those best moments together.

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