Purrfect feline Christmas gifts

Christmas pet stockings are becoming more popular, with many owners wanting to spoil their feline friend with some new treats and toys. For cats and kittens, our PetSafe® Play & Challenge range includes toys they can pounce on, keeping themselves amused and in good shape with lots of twisting and turning as they play. Designed to keep cats of all ages engaged and active, the treats the toys dispense will keep them purring with pleasure and help you to turn mealtime into playtime! Many of these great products are available for under £10, so here’s just some of our fantastic toys perfect for a stocking filler this Christmas.

Funkitty™ Egg-Cersizer™

The Egg-Cersizer is a treat / feeding ball that’s designed to randomly dispense treats and dry food which is uniquely adjustable to your cat’s level of play. With a Treat Meter that allows treat distribution from all angles, you can open 1, 2, or 3 holes to customise to your cat’s needs and increase the challenge over time.

Funkitty™ Twist ‘n’ Treat™

Dispensing dry food for a tasty treat, the Twist ‘n’ Treat™ easily adjusts to your cat’s level of play. Simply fill with dry food, treats or catnip for an irresistibly good time! You’ll watch as your feline wrestles with the toy to access the goodies inside, meaning it works to keep them active too.


With around 50% of cats showing signs of obesity, we developed an interactive feeding toy that gives your cat portion control and exercise. SlimCat™ increases feline activity, decreases excessive eating and improves behavioural problems associated with boredom. By providing smaller portions of food throughout the day, it helps to maintain optimum weight as well as improving your cat’s digestion. Plus, it’s great for cats of all shapes and sizes – simply fill with a healthy portion of dry food and watch your cat play!


Looking for a slightly bigger gift for your feline? Our FroliCat range of laser and teaser toys are a great way to keep cats active and engaged. Created especially for interactive play, they’ll keep your furry friend occupied for hours, which is great for busy owners at this time of year. Exercise plus fun make these a no brainer!

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