The importance of pet insurance

The pet insurance industry is rapidly growing, as pet owners realise the importance of meeting their duty to care for their pet promptly if they become ill. But what many people don’t realise is that pet insurance can do much more than just help you with the costs of vets’ bills!

Of course the main reason most owners explore insurance is for the vet fee cover, and depending on your choice of policy you can expect assistance in meeting the cost incurred by accidents, illnesses and other conditions. Accident-only policies are generally the cheapest choice, but as the name indicates you are only covered if your pet is in an accident and there are generally no additional benefits.

Mid-range policies typically have 365 day limits on illnesses or injuries, meaning that you can only claim for an illness for injury for a year after it first manifested itself, after which exclusions may be applied, meaning that you won’t be able to claim for it again.

These mid-range policies do often have some benefits beyond vet’s fee cover, such as public liability which can protect you financially if your pet injures someone or causes an accident, or damage to property.

Claims for compensation in public liability cases can stray into the millions of pounds, so it really is worth looking into getting yourself this kind of cover.  Check that your household insurance doesn’t already provide public liability cover for your pet.

Top-tier cover has fewer caps and limitations, as well as bigger allowances for each condition. The additional benefits are wide-ranging, from help with advertising costs if your pet goes missing to compensation if your holiday is cancelled due to a pet’s illness.

It’s worth taking the time to look into each individual policy to see what suits your pet’s needs and your budget.

Our dogs and cats are more than just pets, they’re part of the family. There is no NHS for pets, it’s all private medicine and it’s an owner’s responsibility to ensure that any care their furry family may need can be paid for. This is why pet insurance is so important: your pet’s treatment needn’t be limited by your finances.

This blog was guest written by our lovely friends at Animal Friends Insurance, get in touch to hear more about what they offer.

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