Top 10 Tips for Top-Notch Pet Health

At PetSafe® we are dedicated to the health of our loved ones, so we thought we’d share our top 10 tips to ensure that they stay healthy all year round!

1. Feed only recommended amounts

This varies for the age, size, and exercise that your pet has, and for the best information we suggest talking it over with your vet. It is common that pets benefit from set meal times. Our Eatwell™ Pet Feeder is available with portioned feeders and a set timer to allow the regular mealtimes they need.

2. Keep human food on your own plate

Dogs and cats have more sensitive stomachs than humans. Although they love to eat whatever and whenever, it can sometimes result in a very sick pet. Foods such as onions, grapes, chocolate, and sausage should be kept well away from your four legged friends.

3. Have a yearly vet trip

Preventing long-term illness or diseases can be as easy as an annual trip to the vets. Though there may not be any visible signs, having a check-up for your pet once a year can track ageing signs, and help adapt to any changes. Early diagnosis of conditions can be found through radiographs, such as lung and heart disease.

4. Pay attention to dental health

Dental disease is the most common disease in pets, and can affect the liver, kidneys and brain tissue. Signs of issues can be found in bad breath, swollen or bleeding gums, or trouble eating. It is important to monitor your pets teeth and use dental chews to prevent any issues and keep them smiling! For more information take a look at our dental health infographic here.

5. Hydration

During a recent survey, almost half of our audience didn’t know how much water their pet required. It is important all year round to ensure pets are properly hydrated, and to know what signs to look out for to spot dehydration. In dogs watch out for lethargy and sunken eyes, and in cats watch out for refusal to eat and excessive drooling. For more information check out ‘are you doing enough to keep your pet hydrated?’.

6. Physical exercise

Physical exercise and a balanced diet are two ways to keep your pets healthy. Even though the weather can be temperamental it is important to take dogs out for regular exercise, and to allow cats some outdoor time.

7. Keep pets engaged

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but they’re wrong! It is important for pets to be engaged in playtime even indoors. Why not set up a FroliCat® DART™ Automatic rotating laser light, which you can adjust for up to 20 minutes of play time.

8. Fight fleas

The best way to control fleas is to prevent them. Flea eggs can be embedded in fibres such as carpets and bedding, and vacuuming thoroughly anywhere your pet may have been with fleas prevents the cycle of constant infection.

9. Vaccinate

Vaccinations for kittens and puppies are integral for their health before they are able to interact with other animals or go outside. However, once fully grown, pets still require yearly boosters in order to fend off diseases.

10. Groom frequently

Regular grooming not only allows you to keep your pets coat clean and manageable, but also allows the chance to check for any skin abnormalities. Brushing distributes natural oils across the fur and untangles any knots before they become matted. As well as keeping fur healthy, the interaction helps form bonds with your pets, and gets them used to human interaction.

These are just 10 of the ways we can keep our pets healthy, if there is anything you think we’ve missed or you’d like to see more information on then comment below, we love hearing your feedback.

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