Understanding your cat’s body language


We would all love to read the minds of our furbabies, to know what it is that they want and need with no guessing. The next best thing we can do though is read their body language.

Just like humans, cats show exactly how they are feeling through their posture and movements, so by getting to grips with the small movements which give away a lot, you will learn what your furry friend is trying to communicate.

So working from head to tail, let us show you more about what it all means…


Happy – upright

Focused -twitchy

Frightened and anxious- flattened


Happy – heavy lidded

Relaxed – blinking slowly

Focused – narrowed

Fearful  – gaze angled upwards

Angry – hard and focussed


Happy and content – stretched out, showing their belly

Focused – low to the ground and hind legs coiled

Anxious  -arched back

Fearful – straightened front legs and fluffed up

Angry- Stiff front legs or crouching


Happy- still – or held high with a slight curl if they’re standing to say hello to you.

Focused- Held out low and twitching as they get ready to pounce

Anxious- Still or moving slowly side to side at the tip

Fearful ­– Held under the body or slashing from side

Angry- Stiff and straight or curled under the body

Learning more about how your cat shows their emotions means the next time your four-legged friend is stressed or scared you will be able to communicate in a way to help soothe and reassure them, and here at PetSafe we are committed to healthy pets and happy owners.

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