What will your pet be getting this Christmas?

No doubt you’re dashing around trying to choose presents for everyone at Christmas, but what’s your furry friend going to get in their Christmas stocking?

Here are some ideas, ranging from novelty but beneficial toys to suggestions that will improve their training and your quality of life too!

Interactive treat dispensing toys, such as our popular Busy Buddy® and Funkitty™ ranges, are great fun and an excellent way to keep your pet active and engaged.

They also involve them in brain challenges, as they try to release the treats that have been placed inside them. Other versions have dog chews that they can gnaw on, or include nylon bristles that keep their teeth and gums in good condition at the same time.

You can also bring luxury and convenience into your life (as well as your pet’s) when you’re away from home for extended periods. Consider an automatic pet feeder that can open at specific times of the day, or a pet drinking fountain that dispenses constant fresh, filtered and aerated water whenever your pet wants to drink.

If you’re making a New Year’s resolution to train your dog and improve his behaviour, now may be the time to give them a dog walking harness. The Easy Walk® system, for example, is designed to pull your dog gently into your side as it walks and prevent it from pulling uncontrollably on the lead.

Win a PetSafe® Christmas present for your pet!

To help you get into the Christmas spirit, we’re running the ‘12 Days of PetSafe’ Christmas Competition on Facebook every day from 6-17 December 2013 with fantastic Busy Buddy® or Funkitty™ prizes for your dog or cat to be won daily.

To enter, simply head over to our PetSafeUK Facebook page for details.


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