Activities over the holidays and quality bonding time with your dog

Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with family and loved ones, and that includes your furbabies! It’s a great chance to enjoy experiences and create new memories together, all of which work to strengthen the bond and trust between you and your dog. What’s more, any physical activities will help keep them active and healthy over the summer months; so once the holidays start, grab your pooch and head outside!

Even your daily walks are more enjoyable when the weather is warmer and nights are lighter, so why not make the most of this by trying a new route or driving slightly further out to a more rural setting. Dogs love the opportunity to explore, so a new place and countryside surroundings in particular help to stimulate their senses for a more satisfying trip. It’s good to incorporate playtime into walks whenever possible, as an extra way to give your dog a good run around and help keep them engaged mentally too. Using interactive toys, a ball or Frisbee to play together means getting involved yourself, and this way your dog will positively position you as the source of their enjoyment – helping to keep you the best of friends!

With more time than usual over the summer holidays, training and teaching your dog a new trick is great for helping to improve communication and adding to their skills. Whether it’s jumping through a hoop, standing up, or just working on their fetch commands, training is always valuable time together that will benefit you both in the long term. Training is a partnership where both you and your dog are the students, so learning new skills strengthens your relationship and level of trust as you work together to achieve results. Using plenty of enthusiastic praise (and treats) throughout will help ensure successful training, and we all know how much dogs love to please their owners! Seeing your dog learn something new is also very rewarding for us too, and a great way to spend a few spare hours.

Most of our canine pals love any excuse to jump in at the first sign of water, and often at the least convenient times, so why not take them out on a trip especially to give them a chance to go swimming? As well as being enjoyable, swimming is great exercise to keep dogs fit and also cools them in hot weather. There are, however, certain things to consider for their safety such as their swimming ability, so make sure there are no currents or underwater obstructions which your dog may become entangled in. Due to the bacteria found in water, it’s also important to make sure your dog has an up to date Leptospira vaccination in particular – check with your vet if you’re unsure.

Make the most of your free time over the holidays this summer by dedicating some to enjoying activities with your dog, and not only is it good for your own health and wellbeing but you’ll be helping to make that special bond even closer.


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