Calming an anxious dog at the vets

All pet owners want their vet trips to be relaxing. At PetSafe® we’re dedicated to making sure you’re having as many ‘best moments’ with your pets as possible, and have brought you advice on how to keep the stress down surrounding vets visits.

Follow these tips on how to make the whole experience a less ruff one…

Call in to say ‘woof!’

Stopping by at the vets just to say ‘hello’ at points throughout the year can help to get your dog used to the surroundings. Your dog will build a more positive association with the vets if they visit just to receive some attention and treats, rather than being a place to be scared of.

Paws on!

Get your dog used to being touched through grooming and cuddle time. If you can do this as soon as possible, it will help to cause them less stress when the vet has to inspect their fur and also allow you to spot any earlier abnormalities.

Hot-tail there in the AM

Booking an appointment first thing in the morning should help to reduce your waiting time, giving you and your dog less time to build up any nerves whilst in the waiting room.

Wags on wheels

Get your pup used to travelling in the car when visiting nice places so they aren’t immediately aware their journey is taking them to the vets. It’s also encouraged for dogs to get used to any crates/carriers before the day of taking them.

Don’t hound

When you are calm, it sets a calm environment for your dog. Try to keep as relaxed as you can. If you are nervous, try to avoid petting your pup as it reinforces that their anxious behaviour is warranted.


Use positive reinforcement when you see good behaviours by taking some of their favourite treats with you. Get the vet to support your actions by rewarding good behaviours throughout the examination. Soon they’ll be much more confident about their vet visits.

Pup-date your visits

It is possible that your veterinarian will offer house calls; for particularly anxious dogs. But otherwise, some pre-visit medication that you can administer will help to calm a stressed-out dog.

We hope that with help from our tips, next time you’re taking a trip to the vets you can make it a positive experience for both of you.

If you have any tips or ways that you calm your dog when you’re visiting the vets, let us know by leaving us a comment.

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