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Everyone loves to open a stocking full of wonderful surprises on Christmas morning, so if you usually include your pet in this by getting them goodies over the festive season why not check out our range of innovative cat and dog toys? Just like us, pets need time to have fun too and our toys are designed to help them benefit in different ways when they play – whether it’s improving their health or keeping them alert and active, plus topped off with the reward of tasty treats makes it a win all round! You can get many of these for under £10, so here’s just a small selection of what’s on offer for your furry friend.

Our Busy Buddy toys are designed for longer lasting playtime! Each one is made with a different and unique chewing experience in mind and helps turn chewing behaviour into positive playtime.

Busy Buddy® Kibble Nibble™

The Kibble Nibble appeals to a dog’s natural instincts by enticing them to actively engage in mealtimes. Two Treat Meters randomly dispense dry food and treats as the ball tumbles around and is appropriately sized to hold a dog’s entire meal, so can you turn mealtime into playtime!

Busy Buddy® Squirrel Dude™

A favourite with many dogs, the Squirrel Dude’s extreme durability holds up under even the toughest gnashers and its unpredictable bounce will have your pet occupied for hours. The Treat Meter randomly dispenses dry food and treats as your dog plays. Perfect for strong chewers!

Busy Buddy® Bristle Bone

Tested on various gnashers, this is a toy for dogs to really get their teeth into. Complete with irresistible, replaceable Gnawhide® treat rings, durable nylon bristles and rubber nubs, the Bristle Bone provides a unique chewing experience. It’s essential exercise for all dogs, and what’s more, means they’re less likely to gnaw the furniture!

Still have a young pup? We also do a range of Busy Buddy toys designed especially for puppies – to support their development and encourage them to chew on something safe and hygienic to help their young teeth.

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