Help get your pet ready for summer

Summer is just around the corner, so as you’re probably starting to think about getting yourself ready for the holiday season you should be doing the same for your pet too.

Here are some ways to help keep them happy and healthy over the warmer months (trust us, they’ll thank you for it!)

Seasonal summer grooming

Just as we like to groom ourselves to look and feel our best in time for summer, your dog can also benefit from some pampering to help him shed what’s left of his winter coat.

Regular brushing (and bathing) will help remove loose and moulted hairs, but if you have a long-haired breed then it can also be a good idea to take them to have a trim to keep them comfortable in warmer temperatures. Be careful, however, to keep this to a minimum and if they already have a short coat then avoid this altogether as dogs’ fur acts as insulation by helping to regulate body heat and protects them against sunburn.

Tip: If you’re not sure how much is safe to take off then ask your vet for advice.

Visit the vet

Making sure your pet is in full health prior to summer, and the risks the season can bring, is very important.

When the weather is good, more people are often out with their dogs, meaning yours can come into more contact with other animals than usual, which increases their risk of catching contagious conditions such as kennel cough. If you know that your pet suffers seasonal allergies, then it’s also a good chance to discuss this with your vet and arrange for any required treatment to help ease the symptoms.

So arrange for a trip to the vet for a general check up and also to see if they’re up-to-date with vaccinations.

Summer-proof your garden

One of the best things about summer is being able to spend more time outdoors, and what better way to spend an afternoon than enjoying the sunshine with your furry friend!

So you can relax without worrying about them having too much sun exposure, make sure that there are plenty of shady areas for your pet to stay cool and comfortable. If you don’t have any shade naturally, then investing in a large outdoor plant or umbrella can be a good solution, or why not plant something in time for next year?

Dogs are crafty, and can find their way through small spaces, so check that any fence or boundaries you have are secure and don’t have any possible escape routes.

Keep them hydrated

Your dog should have a source of constant fresh water available to him all year round, but it’s even more vital during summer to help prevent him suffering from dehydration.

Just as we need to up our intake of water in the heat, so do our pets; investing in an extra water bowl, such as a travel one, is ideal for taking on walks and trips or think about a more advanced solution such as a pet fountain.

Our Drinkwell range has a fountain suitable for pets of all sizes, to help provide constant access to fresh, filtered water – perfect for those summer months!

Tip: On especially hot days, ice cubes can be a refreshing and enjoyable treat for your dog, and try putting a few in their water bowl to help keep it cool.

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