Introducing the Automatic Ball Launcher!

Enjoy playtime with our latest interactive dog toy; the Automatic Ball Launcher.
It’s portable, easy to use, ideal for all ages and sizes but most importantly… it’s dog-approved fun!

Read through our handy guide to learn more about this exciting new toy.

Top Features

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  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 9 distance settings and 6 angle settings
  • Launches between 8-30 feet and up to a 45-degree angle
  • Multiple built-in safety sensors keep people and pets safe while playing fetch


Introducing your dog


Our fantastic new fetch dog toy can be a ton of fun for both you and your dog to play with. We have a few tips and tricks to get you fetching in no time at all.

You’ll want to introduce it to him slowly as the launcher does make sounds which at first may make some dogs a little anxious. They’re no different to you and I when it comes to new clicks and whirrrs and pops.

– Grab some delicious treats and a clicker (if you have it).

– Then start by leaving the launcher out and letting your dog notice and approach it. When your dog looks at the machine, give positive reinforcement by clicking your clicker or saying ‘Yes!’ and give him a treat. Do this multiple times.

– You should also give positive feedback if he walks towards the launcher or interacts with it. When your dog seems comfortable around the launcher when it is turned off, place the machine further away from him and turn it on without any balls in it.

– The final step is to get your dog comfortable with the unit launching the ball.

– The launching sound can be a little loud which might be the part your dog is most anxious about. Keep the machine further away and have someone else place the ball in the machine. When the ball launches, click your clicker or say “Yes!” and deliver tasty treats. Do this several times.

– When he is comfortable with the unit launching a ball at a distance, bring the launcher closer and do this again. When he is completely comfortable with the ball launching, you can begin playtime with your dog and the launcher!


DOs & DON’Ts

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DO: Adjust distance & angle settings accordingly for indoor vs. outdoor play

DO: Monitor your dog’s play

DO: Help your dog to get used to the Automatic Ball Launcher before use

DO: Teach your dog to drop the ball into the machine to launch

DO: Place on a flat, level surface, NOT elevated
And of course for safety…

DON’T: Put your hands into the launch area at any time

DON’T: Use anything other than a tennis ball to launch

DON’T: Submerge Ball Launcher in water or leave outside when not in use


FAQs and helpful tips

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How many balls can be loaded into the launcher at once?
– No more than three at a time. It is recommended to load one at a time for use during independent play, or when launching on higher settings.

How far should my dog stand back from the machine before the ball launches?
– The motion sensor detects movement from up to 7 feet away. Your dog should be standing behind that distance or to the side of the launch pocket area, out of view of the motion sensor.

Will the Ball Launcher turn off automatically?
– No, however, the Ball Launcher will go to sleep after 15 minutes of play. It will then rest for 15 minutes and cycle through another 15 minutes. This continues until the power button is turned off.

We hope you found this little handy guide useful and enjoy playing fetch with your dog and our interactive PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher!

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