Keeping pets active and engaged indoors

With the summer season coming to an end, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. For their own safety it’s sometimes best to keep your pet indoors during unseasonable weather. Being kept inside for long periods of time may result in your pet becoming bored, restless and result in attention seeking behaviour. Despite this, your furry friend’s still need regular mental and physical stimulation. Relieve the boredom by following our helpful hints and tips to keep your pet happy and engaged indoors.

1. Hide and seek

Stimulate your pet’s senses by making them hunt for both you, their toys and their treats! Have your dog sit and stay while you hide yourself or their tasty treats and call them when ready. This will truly put their instinctual nature to the test and make for a productive play session.

2. For cats, a laser pointer

Cats are natural hunters, by using a laser pointer you can keep them engaged and put your feet up whilst watching your cat enthusiastically chase that elusive red dot. Be sure to play responsibly and ensure the laser is not shone directly into your cat’s eyes. Why not check out our innovative and interactive Frolicat™ laser toys range.

3. Doggy play date

Pets and owners are more alike than you may think. You enjoy inviting your friends around, so why not do the same for your dog? Dogs love interacting with each other; it is guaranteed fun and will end with your pooch being tired at the end of the day. Make sure that you monitor the dogs behaviour especially around the time that they are introduced. Beware of any aggressive or bullying behaviour.

4. Treat dispensing toys

Another easy way to provide your pet with some extra mental stimulation, as well as reward and keep them engaged for longer, is with an interactive toy to make them work for their treat. Our Busy Buddy® range offers the perfect solution for this turning irritable chewing into fun play.

5. Build an obstacle course

Why not put your pet(s) agility to the test? Build an obstacle course inside your home and have them dive over a washing basket, weave their way under the dining room table or climb the stairs to get a tasty treat. Use your imagination, be creative and remember to reward them for their hard work!

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