‘Pets in the city’ – Keeping your dog safe in busy areas

With 8.5 million dogs in the country it’s fair to say we’re a nation of dog lovers! Over 24% of the UK population own a dog, with a third of them housed in urban areas. Their safety is the owners’ responsibility and so here at PetSafe® Brand we’re dedicated to helping owners have the best moments with their pets.

Hi-rise living

Two Dalmatians relaxing at home

Towns and cities are rife with apartment blocks, and some will allow owners to bring their pets with them. This of course restricts the availability of immediate garden space, which will affect your pets’ exercise and toilet training. For a backyard in a box, try our Pet Loo™ Portable Pet Toilet to help with training and those times you can’t let them out.

Also to keep your apartment a haven for your pup, keep your windows and sliding balcony doors appropriately fenced so they have safe freedom.

Take it slow

French bulldog sleeping on a wooden floor

If you are a new dog owner in an urban area, or if you and your pooch have moved into a flat for the first time, take it slow in getting them used to their surroundings. Being near a busy road or overwhelmed with lots of smells and sounds is scary! So, make sure you’re reinforcing calmness and praising good behaviour when out and about.

Lap it up

Scruffy dog poking out from under couch

Cities and towns tend to have puddles that never properly dry up, it just sits there stagnant and smelly. Although it doesn’t sound appealing to you and I, your dog may decide that it’s going to sample this delicious puddle water when out and about. Dirty puddles house bacteria which will make your dog sick, so keep an eye out for where they’re stopping to drink!

To entice your pup to drink more fresh and clean water when at home, take a look at our Drinkwell® range for a Pet Fountain designed to keep your pets hydrated.

Rubbish on the streets

Jack Russel on lead on pavement

There’s always the chance that when you’re out with your dog you’ll come across food waste or packaging that has been discarded and that looks quite tempting to eat. Stay aware of your dog’s movements and redirect attention away that’s focused on any rubbish.

Two’s a pair

gang of dachshunds being walked

If you’re taking your dog out for the day while running errands, it’s likely you won’t be able to take them with you into shops. Having someone with you allows you to leave your pup with them while inside shops. Although some shops provide posts to attach leashes to, it may be scary and overwhelming for your pup to be left alone especially if by a main road.

Exploring the city with your four-legged best friend can be so exciting as there’s plenty of things to see and do! If you’re thinking of travelling further afield, take our advice for being on the road with your pet.

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