The Do’s and Don’ts of taking your dog to work


Bring Your Dog to Work Day is an annual nationwide event in the UK that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs and takes place on the 24th June.  As well as raising funds for a great cause, the day promises to bring a change to your average work day. So if you’re looking to get involved, be aware of the benefits and challenges to make this run as smoothly as possible- and give your dog a day to remember!


  • Consider transport

It shouldn’t be a problem for you if you drive to work and your dog is used to riding with you in the car, however if you take public transport it might be a problem. Check bus and train information before you take your pup with you.

  • Keep to your routine as much as possible

If your dog is used to going for an early morning walk, make sure you’re taking them on their morning walk before setting off to work. Feed them at their regular mealtimes as much as possible and keep to their outside routine as if they were home. They may become agitated or restless if they’re kept inside in the office all day and should be exercised as often as usual.

  • Respect your co-workers

For those who don’t have dogs as pets or have never had much interaction with dogs, a dog in the office all day may seem a little overwhelming. If this is the case, consider bringing your dogs crate to keep them contained at points during the day. If there are people with allergies in the office the likelihood is you won’t be able to take your dog with you, so check with co-workers before bringing your pup in.  Not everyone likes dogs and some have dog phobias (cynophobia) don’t consider it your duty to try to help people with dog phobias to overcome their phobia unless you’re an expert in this field.


  • Expect your pup to entertain themselves all day

An ideal start to the day would be an active journey to work, either a walk or a run, to drain a little of your dogs energy before expecting them to settle in a busy and exciting surrounding. It is also important to pack some of your pups’ belongings to ease them into a new environment, their favourite toy and bed will keep them entertained and calm with familiar things.

  • Neglect your dogs needs

You will be fairly certain before taking your dog into work whether they will react well to a new environment, some dogs will find it too overwhelming, whereas a calmer dog will handle the change well. If they have a nervous personality, consider a shorter time in the office starting at a half day and getting them used to the surroundings before committing to a full day. Make sure you have time in your schedule to attend to their needs, give them praise and affection and take them outside for walks.

  • Let your dog become territorial

Taking your dogs bed not only calms them with familiar surroundings, it also lets them know that that is their place. Your dog will feel calmer knowing they have a place of their own rather than trying to find their own space, as they are more likely to become territorial.

Sharing your working day with your furry companion should be an enjoyable experience and done with enough planning and care it will be! Studies have found that the presence of pets in the workplace reduces a person’s stress and increases morale, so it’s time to give your dog a job, and bring them to work!

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