Tips for relaxing a rescue dog into their new home

Introducing a new dog into your home is a big change for both of you, whether you already have a dog or it’s your first furry addition to the family.

To make it as easy as possible, preparation is key, so pay attention to the following pointers and get ready to welcome a bundle of fun into your home.

Before pup comes home


Make sure you’re undertaking the essential safety preparation – dogs, especially those who are in a completely new environment, have a tendency to display destructive behaviour.

Ensure valuables and breakables are kept away from where your pup is going to spend a majority of their time, and put up dog gates in the rooms they aren’t allowed in.

If you haven’t got it already, purchase the relevant doggy essentials such as an ID tag/food bowl/bedding/crate/toys etc. and have them set out ready to introduce your pup to when you return.

To avoid stresses for both you and the dog, take the time to work out a schedule before bringing him home.  Make a plan where your new family member will be allowed and who will be responsible for walks and feeding at points in the day. Your pup will get used to seeing the same faces at the same times and understand what is expected of them.

Discuss with neighbours or other dog owners which vet to take your new rescue dog to, and make sure all vaccinations and medical history is up to date before joining any obedience classes.

Once pup is home

Begin to bond with your new dog through grooming, the physical contact will create a trust and understanding between you that you can build upon.

It might be really exciting to get everyone to meet your new dog, but don’t overwhelm your pup with a new home and lots of new people too – limit your visitors until your dog is more settled.

Your dog will take a bit of time to adjust to you and your home, give it around a week or so before starting training. Even a pup that’s a few years old can revert to puppy behaviour when moved to their new home.

Continuing puppy care

It can take a rescue dog several weeks to fully adjust to their new home, so be patient with behavioural slip-ups or toilet training relapses.

Remain a constant and steady presence and continue a routine which will allow you to build a long-lasting and loving bond with your dog.

Do you have any tips for welcoming a rescue dog into your home?
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