What’s your top dog?

Here at PetSafe, we’re passionate about dogs. So passionate, in fact, that over 7 million of us own one in the UK! This got us thinking… so what are the most popular breeds and what’s behind this love of ‘man’s best friend?’

Lots of Happy Dogs - Various Breeds

Well, according to researchers at the Pet Manufacturer’s Food Association (PFMA), the top ten UK dog breeds are:

– Labrador

– Border Collie

– Jack Russell Terrier

– Yorkshire Terrier

– German Shepherd

– Rottweiler / Dalmatian

– Bichon Frise

– Cocker Spaniel / Shih Tzu

– Labradoodle / Golden Retriever

– Greyhound (incorporating Whippets) / Chihuahua

But the bit that’s missing for us here at PetSafe, is ‘why’ – that’s where you come in!

We always like to hear from our passionate owners, so come and tell us about your top dog and what makes them so special by leaving a comment below or by posting a photo and comment on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/petsafeuk

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