Which are the more affectionate breeds of dogs?

Different types of breeds offer different traits and personalities, with some known in particular for their affectionate nature, making them a perfect choice for families and young children. Here’s a selection of popular breeds that are renowned for their loving temperament, ideal if you’re looking for a furry friend both to give and receive love from:

Collie – A highly energetic breed that love the outdoors and to run; this means they need regular exercising and activity, but their love of people means playing with them will get you a guaranteed friend for life. They are ideal companions for active adults who love exploring the great outdoors.

Bichon Frise – They look a little bit like a teddy bear, and have a personality to match it! Bichons are known for their sunny disposition and sweet nature, and they love activity and interaction with people. Another advantage of this adorable breed, which adds to their popularity with families, is their non-shedding fur, making them great for any allergy sufferers.

Beagle – If you suffer from anxiety or have nervous children, then a well-balanced breed such as Beagles are great to help assure and relax anyone slightly wary of dogs. Originally a pack dog, Beagles enjoy the company of other dogs so they’re very sociable and get along easily with various other breeds. Their friendly, funny and calm nature means they’re especially good for families with children; a sturdy breed, you won’t find they tire out before your kids do!

Bulldog – Don’t be fooled by their tough exterior and expression, Bulldogs are highly loveable canines that make for great family pets. Their patient and gentle temperament means they easily form strong bonds with both young and old family members. Plus, a sturdy shell means they can handle active and vigorous children. They’re not fussy on habitat either, so whether you have a small flat or large house a Bulldog will be happy wherever.

Labrador Retriever – Labradors are renowned for their friendly and approachable nature, which means they’re happy socialising with other people and dogs alike. A reliable family pet, they love to please their owners and are known for being playful and loving. If you want to test your training skills or teach your children how, Labradors are very good at, and enjoy, learning a new trick, which helps relationship building and satisfaction for you both. However, they are very clumsy and can be boisterous so there is a risk they will knock over toddlers or the more unstable.

Springer Spaniel – If you’re looking for a dog that can match particularly energetic kids, then the bouncy and fun-loving Springer Spaniel is the breed for you! They’re not called ‘Springers’ for nothing. Their love of being around other people means they are good at forming strong bonds with owners, and showing them affection. They have a huge desire to please their owners and love ball games which will keep them active and happy. Perfect for running around and keeping up with children, their gentle and kind nature will mean you can rest assured they’re in safe hands with your pet.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Very popular with families due to their compact size and lovely nature, this is a breed that are most often bred as companion dogs. One of their defining traits is as being very gentle and trustworthy, which makes them a great first furry friend for children, and you’ll find they quickly become a valued part of the family.


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