Five ways to make your pet the Purrfect Valentine

A pet’s love is unconditional and unwavering (even when you have to take them to the vets!), so follow our steps and make a fuss to show them how much you care on February 14th.

1. Walks
This one may be more relevant to our canine friends, those who love nothing more than a muddy puddle to roll around in. Take them out to a large dog-friendly park/forest/beach and let them off the leash for some quality fresh air and exercise.

2. A New Toy
PetSafe® have a huge range of toys that will keep your pet happy and engaged throughout the day. Take a look at our FunKitty™ Doorway Dangli™ and the NEW Busy Buddy® Cow Wow™ – they’re treat dispensing too, ensuring that your companion remains entertained for hours!

3. Snuggles
One thing we all know pets love is your affection. Enjoying each other’s company allows you to de-stress and strengthen the bond between you, so why not curl up and snuggle with your furry friend whilst watching a movie?

4. Attention
Providing loving care and attention is one of the easiest ways for you to let your pet know you are pleased with their behaviour. Through verbal and physical praise they can see that you are happy, which in turn makes them happy. Enjoy giving them attention through play. This helps to stimulate them and is good for general pet health.

5. Treats
It’s not unusual around Valentine’s Day for the house to be filled with chocolate. This is great for us humans but make sure to treat your feline and canine companions to a pet-friendly treat whilst you enjoy yours. A meaty chew has flavours your pet will love whilst at the same time cleaning their teeth. They’ll love you for it even more!

However you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day, don’t forget these five pet tips.

Hopefully they’ll be able to enjoy the special day as much as you

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