Christmas is coming! How to spend quality festive time with your pet

The countdown to Christmas has begun! Which undoubtedly means lots of fun for all the family. However, looking after pets can be a challenge amid all the socialising, present buying and general hustle and bustle of the festive period.

To help you through we’ve put together a few tips on spending quality time with your cat or dog at this time of year.

Here’s how to make sure their Christmas is as enjoyable as yours:

Exercise as normal

hound in Christmas hat relaxing on the sofa

Regular walks provide a great opportunity to relax with your dog and keeping the routine will help them to stay healthy. This means they’re less likely to become unsettled by all the extra activity around the house.

The social calendar can get very hectic at Christmas. But it’s important as a dog owner to try to stick to your pet’s normal exercise schedule as much as possible.

Watch what they eat

Two poodles sitting at the table with plates

Christmas can bring additional temptation for animals with all the exotic and unusual food lying around, but most of it will be harmful to your pet. Remember that chocolate is poisonous to dogs – and they can easily choke on turkey bones.

Even when the party is in full swing, keep an eye on what your pet is eating. Watch out for our upcoming blog about how to make it a pet-friendly Christmas dinner.

Take care with decorations

Ginger cat in Chrstmas hat surrounded by presents

Decking the halls is a great Christmas tradition, but take some time to make sure your decorations are pet-proof.

This is particularly important if you have cats that love to climb and explore the house, but mischievous dogs can easily get tangled up in light cables or create some other festive calamity if you’re not careful.

Secure all your decorations to the walls and keep them out of the way!

Get them a present

Bulldog under Chistmas tree surrounded by presents

We know you wouldn’t forget anyway, but just in case – here’s a reminder not to leave your pet out of the Christmas present fun! Giving your dog or cat a gift is a great way to make them feel involved in the celebrations and keep them happily occupied over the festive period.

If you’re a dog owner, why not choose an Automatic Ball Launcher for your pet to unwrap on Christmas Day? Alternatively, the FroliCat® POUNCE™ Cat Teaser could be an ideal festive treat for your feline friend.

Make sure they have their own space to relax

Two German short-haired puppies cuddling Christmas teddies

This is an important one, especially if you’re planning to entertain a lot of guests over the Christmas period. Large groups and unfamiliar sounds can sometimes unsettle even the most sociable pets, so creating a quiet and comfortable space they can retreat to if necessary is vital.

You can kit this area out with your pet’s bed and some favourite toys for them to play with. It’s nice to seek refuge from the Christmas madness from time to time!

Do you have a story to share on making Christmas a safe and exciting place for your pet? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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