Tips for taking your pet along on a trip this Easter

The Easter holidays are a great time to get away with the family and spend some quality time together, and more and more dog owners are choosing to include their pets by taking them along on trips too. With lots of companies offering dog-friendly breaks and accommodation, it’s becoming easier than ever to arrange holidays with pets, meaning your furry friend doesn’t miss out on the fun and saving you the worry, hassle and expense that kennels can bring!


It’s important to research where to stay properly to make sure it’s going to be suitable and enjoyable for you and your pet, bearing in mind their age and necessary comfort levels. There are lots of great websites designed to help you achieve this. Once you know where you’ll be staying, planning ahead as much as possible will make your holiday more stress free for everyone. It’s a good idea to check out what’s nearby – any local walks, tourist spots or pubs to see which are dog-friendly for you to plan into your activities. With any trip that involves your dog being away from home, you should locate the nearest vet to your accommodation and have an idea of directions to there in case of any emergencies. Likewise, it’s advisable to have their medical information with you should it be required.


Holidays mean a change of scenery for your dog, and lots of different environmental factors for them to adjust to, so where you can keep other parts of their routine just as normal. This means taking their usual food and enough for the duration of your whole stay; it’s not always easy to find the exact same type somewhere new and an upset pet tummy is this last thing you want when away! Dry food can be packed in individual bags for daily portions to save you time for other activities together. If your dog has a favourite blanket or toy then be sure to take this along to provide a sense of familiar comfort in an unfamiliar environment. Choose a good variety of toys to pack, so you have some to keep your furry pal occupied, such as treat-dispensing toys, and also some for playing outside together for that all-important holiday bonding. Our Busy Buddy® range has a great selection ideal for this. Whenever away, you should respect the area and locals just as you would back home which means taking plenty of poop bags for the trip to make sure you’re not caught out empty-handed!


Before long car journeys with your pet, it’s a good idea to take your dog with you on short trips to gradually get them used to journeys and help you both become familiar with driving together. You should be sure to place your dog in a secure rear area for safety so they can’t distract the driver or disrupt passengers. Always use a harness for restraining them and not their collar, as this could result in injury to their neck if there was a sudden jerk due to firm breaking or an accident. Never allow your dog to have its head out of the window while you’re driving as this can pose a number of dangers; however dogs do like fresh air during journeys so cracking the window a little or using the air con can help. Don’t feed them during the journey, instead take regular stops for a chance to give them a small snack and some water. Breaks should also be used to encourage movement by playing or taking them for a quick walk to release pent-up energy and let them go to the toilet.  For in the car, chew toys are good to help occupy your dog and keep their mind off how long it is until you get there!

Doing thorough planning for a trip and making sure you’re prepared and have all the essentials should mean taking your dog along for half term holidays is simply an added bonus of having your furbaby there with you when making holiday memories.


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