Hydration Month [Infographic]

Throughout July, PetSafe® are focusing on the importance of hydration for your pets- our study found that  59% of pet owners are unsure how much water their pet should drink per day, and 81% admitted to thinking panting or sweating was a sign of dehydration which is a common misconception. Whilst cats and dogs do pant and sweat through their paws to regulate their body temperature- when your pet becomes dehydrated things to look out for are tired and sluggish behaviour and weak and unsteady on their feet.



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Which fountain is right for my pet?


Throughout July we are focusing on the importance of hydration for your pet’s health. As the weather gets warmer, we must pay attention to how much our pets are drinking and ensure we are educated in how much they need.

During a survey we undertook we found that 59% of pet owners didn’t know how much water to give their pets each day.

Our research found that your pet needs 70ml of water per 1kg of body weight every day. Being hydrated helps with urinary and kidney diseases, speeds up recovery time for sickness or injury, and helps the body with temperature regulation.

Our Drinkwell® Pet Fountains feature a free-falling stream of water which entices your pet to drink more, keeping your pet healthy and hydrated.

To help you make the right decision of which of our Fountains to choose, read on…


Mini & Original Pet Fountains

The smallest two of the Drinkwell® range, the Mini and Original are the perfect compact hydration stations for your small pets. Kittens, puppies, cats and small dogs will benefit from the 1.2 litre (for the mini) or 1.5 litre (for the Original) capacity fountain with a constant stream of fresh water which is not only inviting but has unparalleled health benefits.

The plastic housing of the Fountain unit has a snap on lid to prevent any accidental removal and is dishwasher safe (excluding the pump), and whilst not only practical, the submersed pump also ensures there is almost no noise from the fountain.

Read more about the Mini Pet Fountain here

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360 and Avalon Pet Fountains

The 360 Pet Fountain provides 3.8 litres and the Avalon holds 2 litres of fresh, filtered water to your pet. Multiple free-falling streams of water tempt your pet to drink more as the fountain continually aerates the water with oxygen.

The 360 is available in both plastic and stainless steel, both are safe for dishwasher use (excluding their pump), and they come with interchangeable spout rings for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 streams.

The Avalon holds two areas for drinking, a top well and the bottom dish. This design makes it easier for senior pets to reach the water and stay hydrated. The Pet Fountain’s multiple streams and circular design allow pets to drink from any angle and are great for multiple pet households.

Read more about the 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain here

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Read more about the Ceramic  Avalon Pet Fountain here


Platinum & Big Dog Pet Fountains

The largest two of our Pet Fountains are the Platinum and Big Dog, made with a removable reservoir for easy refilling.

The Platinum Pet Fountain holds 5 litres of water which perfect for pets of all sizes, the Big Dog holds 8.5 litres, and both have rubber feet on the bottom of the fountain to prevent sliding- ideal for an enthusiastic pet!

The Platinum Pet Fountain is dishwasher safe (excluding pump), and the Big Dog Pet Fountain is hand wash only. We recommend cleaning it once a week and replacing charcoal filters with water (no soap) every two to four weeks.

If you live in a humid environment and have problems with mould or algae, soak all fountain parts in a diluted vinegar solution (20% White Vinegar and 80% Water) for 10 minutes after regular cleaning.

Read more about the Platinum Pet Fountain here

Read more about the Big Dog Pet Fountain here


When being introduced to the Pet Fountain, your pet may be cautious of this new and unusual object. After beginning operation of your Pet Fountain, simply allow your pet to adjust at his or her own pace. Some pets may take several days or longer to begin use, while others will start right away.

Your pet may prefer that the Pet Fountain be placed away from their normal feeding area. Try placing it in another location, such as a different area of the kitchen or in a bathroom or utility room. For more information on the fountains, visit our Support page


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Dog walking in Summer


As we head into the hotter summer months, we make sure to look after ourselves, with suntan cream and keeping ourselves hydrated when we’re out and about. So at PetSafe® we wanted to turn the focus onto our walking companions to keep them happy and healthy.


In the heat we lose lots of water and need to replace it, same goes for our pups. When out on a walk, pack an extra bottle of water and travel bowl to give your furbaby a clean and safe water source. In the hotter days, partially freeze the water bottle to keep it cold all day long, and to keep your pup in good health avoid muddy puddles!

Dawn or Dusk

Once there are more hours of daylight, the mornings and evenings are a little cooler and pavements will have cooled down for a long walk for your pup’s comfort. The couple of hours after midday are when the sun is at its hottest so avoid walking where possible or stay in shaded or areas with easy access to water.

Spot fatigue

One telling sign of your dog being seriously affected by the sun is their energy levels. If you notice your dog acting more tired and excessively panting it could be an early sign of heatstroke, so to combat, move into a cool and shaded area and reduce your dogs temperature immediately with water.

Take them with you

In the ideal situation, dogs should never be left alone in a car on a hot day, the temperatures can reach dangerous highs very quickly and it can be fatal to your pup. Leaving a window open and parking in the shade is not enough for leaving a dog alone in the car, if possible leave on the air conditioning, but ideally don’t put them in the car if you can’t take them where you’re going. If you are witness and concerned about dog left in the car, call the RSPCA or the police, who will take appropriate actions.


When the heat hits, dogs are less inclined to eat a lot of food but there is nothing to be overly concerned about. As we move less through the summer, we burn less calories and so don’t need as many to replace them. If you are concerned your dog isn’t eating enough try a frozen meaty treat high in water content.


Frozen treats are the perfect summer accompaniment; a great idea is creating some pup popsicles with frozen broth and meaty treats, or why not try stuffing a toy with frozen peanut butter or treats? And if you’re looking for fuss free ideas- ice cube buckets or doggy ice cream is easily found in most supermarkets and pet stores!

So, this summer, stay aware when and where you’re taking your dog out and keep hydrated for a lovely summer to enjoy together.


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