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“Fresh Drinking” for Thirsty Pets

21 November 2016

UK Release

The latest addition to the popular Drinkwell® Pet Fountain range from PetSafe® Brand has been unveiled and is set to prove extremely popular with consumers seeking the latest solution for pets who aren’t taking in enough water.

Dogs and cats require 70ml of water per kg of body weight every day - the equivalent of more than a 2 Litre carton of milk every day for an average large adult dog.

The new Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain by PetSafe® Brand is designed to encourage pets to drink more by providing a continuous circulation of fresh, filtered water. Holding up to 3 Litres of water, more than the daily requirement for a large adult dog, it typically only needs to be filled up once a day, and boasts special features including carbon and foam filters to remove any bad tastes or odours as well as capturing hair and debris.

With a submersible pump, the running water is whisper-quiet, making it perfect for cats and dogs who are apprehensive about approaching noisy products. It also has a large drinking area for pets with large or flat faces, plus the central ceramic tower and impact resistant plastic bowl which minimise spills and splashes.

Angela Critchley, International Marketing Director for PetSafe® Brand, said: “We’ve been testing the Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain for the past couple of months at shows and events and it’s proved a huge hit. Our entire Drinkwell® range is very popular and as the next evolution of our fountain technology this is an exciting launch for us. It’s one of the quietest fountains we’ve ever created and is designed in such a way that pets of all shapes and sizes will be able to use it easily and comfortably.”

The Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain is suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes and is available to order now through the PetSafe® sales team. For more information please see www.petsafe.net/UK.


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