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Pet Loo Provides Convenience for Pets and Owners Alike

15 September 2013

In response to the increasing demand for convenience in the homes of pet owners, Radio Systems Corporation is introducing the Pet Loo – an innovative artificial lawn ‘toilet’ designed to contain pet waste in one designated area. Ensuring peace of mind when forced to leave pets home alone, the Pet Loo is perfect for those who live in apartments or work long hours.

Using synthetic grass and a patented drainage system, the Pet Loo allows animals the freedom to relieve themselves whenever necessary, without the requirement of your presence.

By simple yet effective design, the Pet Loo grass hygienically absorbs urine without spillage via a corrugated tray. Through an absorbant powder, liquid is solidified into the form of gel, trapping any odours and making for easy disposal. This way, the Pet Loo is able to contain 100 times its weight in liquid and has a life span of two to three days, without the need for fresh powder.

Easy to clean and replaceable, the artificial grass on the top of the Pet Loo is nonporous, so does not absorb any waste.

Available in a variety of sizes, this easy-to-use waste management solution is not limited to use by dogs and cats; the small Pet Loo is equally suited to rabbits or guinea pigs, for example. With the Pet Loo having undergone over three years of development and testing, owners can be assured that pets will be comfortable using it.

The Pet Loo is one of the products recently introduced to the Radio Systems Corporation Waste Management category. Other similar innovations include selfcleaning litter trays, ScoopFree®.

About PetSafe®

PetSafe® is a global pet product expert in Containment Systems, Training Systems and Bark Control with its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Today the PetSafe brand also encompasses a comprehensive line of Pet Doors including an advanced Microchip Identification cat flap. In addition, a range of specialist products focusing on pet wellbeing fall under the Health & Wellness category which includes the popular Drinkwell® Pet Fountains. The Play & Challenge category further diversifies the PetSafe product portfolio by offering a unique range of treat-dispensing Busy Buddy® toys.

Other products include the Easy Walk™ Harnesses and Headcollars. The latest acquisitions by PetSafe see Lucky Litter LLC products, ScoopFree® innovative litter boxes and award-winning FroliCat™ toys, and Pet Loo by Pup-Pee Solutions© brought to the market.