Spray Bark Campaign

Spray through the noise


Make your world a quieter place with the light spray of the new PetSafe® Spray Bark Collar. This collar uses the most advanced technology to help stop your dog’s unwanted barking and whining with a light citronella or unscented spray. Leave it to PetSafe® to make bark training a safe and simple process for you and your dog.

Fits Most Dogs No Accidental Sprays Easy to Refill Light Spray Rechargeable Water Resistant
Light Spray
The PetSafe® Spray Bark Collar uses a light citronella or unscented spray to kindly remind your dog when it’s time to be quiet.
Easy to Refill
New recyclable spray refill cartridges are easy-to-use and simple to replace.
No Accidental Sprays
Advanced bark detection technology ensures that your dog will never receive an accidental spray, even when other dogs bark.
Fits Most Dogs
The Spray Bark Collar is designed to fit any dog of 3.6 kg and up.
Every Spray Bark Collar comes with a USB charger for recharging as well as an average battery life of 40 hours, depending on use.
Water Resistant
The Spray Bark Collars is water-resistant, so you can take them practically anywhere.
“Excellent results. Within just a few days the barking, whining and growling has all but stopped.”


The PetSafe® Remote Spray Trainer is designed to help train your dog with the click of a button.  So whether you’re training your dog to keep his paws to himself during an off-lead walk or working on simple commands around the house, you’ll always be in complete control.

In addition to being easy to refill, rechargeable and water-resistant, the PetSafe® Remote Spray Trainer includes:
Light Spray
The Remote Spray Trainer uses the same light citronella or unscented spray to correct many unwanted dog behaviour.
This training option delivers a single-volume sound to train and can be used in combination with spray or vibration.
This training option delivers a moderate vibration to train and can also be used in combination with spray or tone.
300 Metre Range 
A wide remote range gives you the flexibility to train in close quarters at home or while training at long distances,
“Awesome training collar! This collar is a game changer when it comes to training your dog! After a few days with this collar, we can definitely see the difference.”