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Show Your Pet Some Love This Valentine’s Day

19 January 2017

France Release

Valentine’s Day is not just about celebrating people, it’s a chance to celebrate pets too! Pet owners can show their furry friends just how much they love them this February 14th by treating them to a fun and fabulous gift from PetSafe® Brand; it has the perfect selection of toys and treats to excite dogs and cats both big and small.

The ultimate game of fetch!
PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher, £129.99 – Suitable for all breeds of dog, this high-tech toy is great for both indoor and outdoor interactive play and even works in the Great British rain! Featuring nine distance and six angle settings, the launcher shoots balls up to nine metres and keeps dogs entertained while encouraging both mental and physical activity. Sensors keep pets and people safe while the automatic rest mode makes sure dogs don’t get overworked.

Toys for perfect pooches

Busy Buddy® toys from PetSafe® Brand make playtime fun for dogs of all ages! The Play & Challenge toys keep dogs busy playing while also challenging them mentally and keeping them actively engaged in playtime. Each toy in the Busy Buddy® range is made with a unique chewing experience in mind and helps redirect potentially destructive chewing behaviour into positive playtime.

Busy Buddy® Turtle and Busy Buddy® Dinosaur, starting at £6.99 – These whimsical, animal-shaped toys are ideal for dogs that like to chew. Each toy is made of durable vanilla-scented rubber and features a unique treat-holding design that makes it extra challenging for pooches to get a grip on the treat.

Busy Buddy® Squeak ‘n Treat Ooga™, starting at £4.99– The first treat-dispensing toy that also squeaks! As dogs play with the toy, treats or food randomly pop out, keeping them actively engaged while the squeak adds to their excitement. As all dogs and appetites differ, owners can customise the rate at which the treats come out.

Busy Buddy® Ultra Stratos™ Toy, starting at £7.99 – Dogs love to chew and this toy is designed with determined chewers in mind! Featuring rubber ends moulded over nylon and a textured rubber centre, it holds two ultra-thick rawhide treat rings. As the toy diameter is the same as the rings, it’s more difficult for dogs to get a tearing grip on the rawhide. This, combined with the ultra-thick rings, means dogs’ interest is held for an ultra-long time.

Toys for furry felines
From feeders to teasers, PetSafe® Brand has a range of exciting, fun-filled toys and games to challenge even the most discerning of cats!

FroliCat® CHEESE™ Automatic Cat Teaser, £22.99– Cats love the hunt of this exciting game of peek-a-boo that involves two mice popping out of each side of a Swiss ‘cheese’ block. Cats can spontaneously play throughout the day thanks to the ‘Play While You Are Away’ mode.



FroliCat® DART™ Automatic Rotating Laser Light, £33.99 – Let the chase begin with this toy that provides hours of fun for feline friends! With 16 exciting play combinations, the laser moves in a circle that jumps around and randomly switches directions - perfect for pets who love chasing.


Funkitty™ Twist ‘n Treat™ Cat Toy, £3.99– Designed to randomly dispense dry food or treats, this toy easily adjusts to cats’ level of play and keeps felines of all ages engaged, stimulated and active. Pet owners can adjust access to the treats and simply fill with dry food, treats or catnip for an irresistibly good time!


Funkitty™ Doorway Dangli™ Cat Toy, £5.99 – Cat owners can create an instant kitty play centre with this treat dispensing toy that is designed to appeal to cats’ playful nature by randomly releasing food. The dangling fur tail satisfies cats’ natural hunting instinct and the stretchy bungee cord adds bouncy excitement.