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Grit used on roads during snowy weather can be dangerous for pets, PetSafe® warns – leading to burns, vomiting and even kidney failure

12 January 2024

As many areas of the UK are expected to be hit by snow on Sunday as the UK Arctic blast starts, gritters will soon be out in full force.

But while the rock salt used on the streets might help make travel safer for pedestrians and motorists, it could prove perilous for our pets, global pet brand PetSafe® warns.

“We’d like to remind pet-owners of the dangers associated with rock salt used on the roads as the temperature and snow falls, and we’re urging them to be cautious,” says PetSafe’s Rob Steele.

“The rock salt, or grit, used to melt snow is very toxic to dogs - and cats. Those tiny granules can really irritate the skin on their paws – especially if they’re dry and cracked - and the chemicals that grit contains can also burn them.

“After being outdoors, dogs and cats will be inclined to lick or chew it off their paws and fur, which brings with it many health risks. As does drinking puddles of melted snow that contains it. Ingestion of rock salt can result in a high blood sodium concentration, which leads to vomiting, lethargy, convulsions and kidney damage. So, make sure you thoroughly wipe their feet and clean any exposed fur on their legs or stomach as soon as you get home.

“It’s best to minimise contact in the first place, so we recommend that owners avoid walking their dogs in areas that have been gritted. If you’re concerned that your pet may have ingested rock salt, contact your vet immediately and follow their advice.”

You can find out which roads your council will grit here.

For further information visit http://uk.petsafe.net/