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PetSafe® brand launches Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Carrier

28 September 2022

28th September 2022, UK

PetSafe® brand launches Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Carrier –
designed to keep our pets secure and snuggly when they’re on the move

The PetSafe® Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Carrier has just gone on sale – providing your pooch with a comfortable and safe space when travelling in the car.  Not to mention ensuring that pet-loving drivers don’t break the law and put themselves at risk of a hefty fine.

The launch comes hot on the heels of the travel carrier scooping the prestigious Crate of the Year title in the American Pet Innovation Awards, which celebrate the industry’s innovators and leaders.

Recent changes to Rule 57 of the Highway Code, state that all dogs must now be “suitably restrained” so they don’t distract and should be secured on any journey, especially if the brakes are applied quickly. Not complying can result in on the spot fines of up to £1,000, a maximum penalty of £5,000, nine points on the licence and even a driving ban and compulsory retest.

Designed for all sizes of vehicle – from the more compact to spacious – this new lightweight and durable aluminium frame travel carrier takes up just one seat, leaving plenty of room for two-legged passengers and baggage.

For ultimate convenience, it’s also easy to install and remove - for use in and out of the vehicle, whether that’s for holidays or nights away - and folds flat for handy storage when not in use. And the addition of a leather handle makes it easy to carry upon arrival at your destination.

Measuring 69cm x 48cm x 71cm when erect, the PetSafe® Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Carrier is ideal for small to medium sized dogs who’ll love to look out of its large mesh front and sides – which are also fully unzippable doors, whichever side of the car the carrier is located - as the journey passes by.

Its mesh design also means that pet parents can easily keep a watchful eye over their furry friend and, with two drawstring openings - one on each side of the travel carrier – you can also reach in to pet your pooch, or to give on the go treats for best behaviour. And it also provides the necessary ventilation to prevent pets from getting too hot or too cold.

For ultimate canine comfort, the PetSafe® Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Carrier features an interior pad with a removable waterproof and machine washable snuggly fleece cover. And in the event of the muddiest adventures, its outer shell can also be removed for machine washing.

In-car safety is paramount for PetSafe® and this design includes a number of features that ensure the carrier stays securely in place – by looping the headrest strap over the headrest of the seat in front and passing the seatbelt through slits on the rear of the carrier. A layer of fabric then hides the seatbelt from your pet, to prevent any temptation to have a chew on it.

For ultimate convenience and space saving, this new carrier also features two storage pockets with hook and loop closure to contain your dog’s lead, poo bags and treats in one tidy place whilst out on the road.

PetSafe® brand’s Rob Steele said: “As well as being safe and durable, our new Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Carrier is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it a great choice for pets on the go, as it gives pet parents the option to use it at home, in the car, and on holiday. It’s especially good when space is of a premium as it can quickly and easily be folded down and stored away.

“Keeping our pets secure and comfortable is of paramount importance, and we’re proud, again, of the number of features that this travel carrier boasts to give owners peace of mind when they’re out and about. And, crucially, it complies with recent changes to the Highway Code, which state that all dogs must now be “suitably restrained” when in the car.”

Watch the PetSafe® Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Carrier being installed and in action here. It has an RRP of £173.99. It’s the latest addition to the Petsafe® brand pet travel range.

For further information visit www.petsafe.com/UK