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01 October 2020

Global pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand is launching three new products to keep pets as healthy and happy as possible as we head into the winter months. Two of the additions – the PetSafe® Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain and the PetSafe® Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder - are from the business’ Water & Feed range and the PetSafe® Extreme Weather Aluminium Pet Door™ is from its Pet Doors range.

All three products exemplify the PetSafe® ethos of designing products that keep pets healthy while making owners’ daily pet routines easier.

Water & Feed
The two new products below are ideal for busy pet owners who want to ensure their pets get the very best care, even when they are not home.

PetSafe® Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain, RRP £54.99 – holding up to 1.8 l of fresh, recirculating water, this stylish, ceramic fountain is perfect for cats and small dogs. Its whisper-quiet flow bubbles over the ceramic tower, making it easily approachable for timid pets. The fountain has a pump and replaceable charcoal and foam filters that work together to remove bad tastes, saliva and hair so pets always have fresh water to drink. With its compact shape, it fits in any home and it is also conveniently easy to clean and dishwasher safe, making it a hygienic way for owners to keep their pet hydrated and healthy.

PetSafe® Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder, RRP £19.99 – this handy feeder lets owners feed their pets on time whether they are at home or away. The removable BPA-free tray has two compartments, each holding up to 355 ml of dry kibble and to schedule their pet’s meals, owners simply turn the dial timers up to 24 hours ahead of time, in 30-minute increments. The tamper-resistant design keeps pets from opening the feeder ahead of mealtime and its tip-proof base hides a secure battery compartment. Easy to clean, the feeder has a removable dishwasher-safe tray.

Pet Freedom
PetSafe® Brand has a range of pet doors to help give pets and their owners more independence.

The newest addition to the range is the PetSafe® Extreme Weather Aluminium Pet Door™, RRP from £78.99 – suitable for pets weighing up to 100 kg, this door keeps owners’ homes energy-efficient in any climate. Its unique 3-flap system is adjustable and flexible, with a magnetic seal to keep the weather outside and for added protection, the centre flap is fully insulated. To control their pet’s outside access and keep stray animals out of their home, owners can use the slide-in closing panel. Built to last, the durable metal frame has reinforced aluminium corners and is designed to handle active and multi-pet households. It is easy to fit into panelled, wood, PVC and metal doors 3.75-5 cm thick.

Rob Steele, Marketing Manager, PetSafe® Brand said: “As a business we’re devoted to carrying out the most innovative research and developing products with advanced designs and these three new additions are testament to that. They are the ideal products for owners who want to put their pet’s health front and centre this winter and we’re excited to hear customers’ feedback.”