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7 tips to keep your dog happy and safe this long weekend

30 January 2019

Australia, January, 2019: With preparations for the Australian Day long weekend in full swing it is important to keep the safety of our furry friends in mind.  PetSafe® Brand Australia has 7 helpful tips to keep your pets happy and healthy this long weekend so we can all have fun!

1. Reserve human food for yourself

It is good to provide your pets with a small treat every now and then; however not everything in that summer salad or off the BBQ can be enjoyed by our furry friends. Most human holiday foods are high in sugar, seasonings and fat which can make your pet sick.  Foods like avocado, chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, corn and cooked bones are amongst some of the most dangerous foods for your dog.  Keep in mind when having a party or celebration; if it is on your plate it shouldn’t be on theirs! 

2. Keep them hydrated

During long weekends we can be so pre-occupied with our guests that we forget about topping up our pets water.  Your pet needs 1 oz of water for every lb of body weight at a minimum and fresh running water is always the best option.  During busy holiday periods using a specially designed pet water fountain, like a Drinkwell® Fountain is a great way to ensure your pet has access to plenty of fresh filtered water and allows you more freedom to entertain your guests stress free!

3. Establish and communicate pet rules

While you may know how to care for your pet, other family and visitors might not take the same precautions.  It is best to set the ground rules for visiters on how to care for your pets to avoid any accidents or trips to the vets!  Politely request everyone that visits your home not to give your pets any treats or food from their plates. Additionally, if there are certain commands your pet responds to, be sure to communicate them with your guests. To avoid mealtime interruption, give your pup a treat-filled toy, like a PetSafe® Chilly Penguin, to keep them preoccupied. This freezable treat holding toy can be filled with treats like broth, peanut butter, yoghurt, or wet dog food, to provide long-lasting entertainment. This will help ensure your furry friend’s mind and tummy are engaged.

4. Create their quiet room

Seeing so many people at once may be unusual for your pup. They may also be stressed, unwilling to mingle, or shy. Provide them with a quiet place in your home where they can hide and relax from all the noise around them. Ensure that the room has their favorite items such as blankets, fresh water, and toys. The PetSafe® Busy Buddy range is perfect to keep your pooch happy and distracted, dispensing food or treats, keeping your pup busy. The chamomile-scented rubber helps keeps your dog relaxed, minimizing the stress they may feel from visitors.

5. Treat candles with caution

Candles are usually synonymous with outdoor celebrations. If your favorite candle has a strong scent, your furry friend may be attracted to the smell and could accidentally knock the candle over. This can cause a fire that can burn the animal or other items at home. Keep any flaming candles away from your pet’s reach and do not leave burning candles unattended. A safe, flame-free option is an LED, battery operated candle.

6. Protect your pets and their feet from the heat

The Australia Day Weekend historically is hot.  Very hot.  And just as we can struggle in the heat, it can be dangerous for your pets. It is important that pets keep cool during their time outdoors. Make sure they have a consitant supply of fresh water, bring them inside to cooler rooms (with fans or aiconditioning) when you can.  Gently rub them with a damp towl during the hottest parts of the day. Make sure they always have plenty of shade and cover available. And if you take them for a walk do the 5 second road test before you let them walk on the bitchaman (put the back of your hand on the ground and leave it for 5 seconds. If it burns you, it will burn them). 

7. Involve pets in the celebrations

If you can, involve your pets in the celebrations.  Slowly introduce them to your guest (one at a time) and if your pet is receptive let them be part of the party.  If you feel your pet will not work well in a large gathering then leave them in another part of the house where they can’t see you.  This will just make them distressed.