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01 September 2021

September 2021, UK 

Global pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand today announces the introduction of six new products to its
popular Play & Challenge range, one of its largest category expansions to date. The additions include
four treat dispensing ‘fun foods’ chew toys for dogs and two new laser toys for cats.

All products in the Play & Challenge range help keep pets busy while also challenging them mentally to
keep them actively engaged and alert. They are designed to redirect bad behaviours like chewing and
jumping into positive play, helping to make life more fun and happier for both pets and their owners.

The following new additions are available to order now through pet wholesale distribution or via
PetSafe® Brand directly.

The new ‘fun foods’ toys keep pets engaged and can help keep teeth clean. The new range of four treat
dispensing toys let pet owners share the fun of cooking with their dogs, whether they are barbequing in their
garden on the weekends or cooking a weeknight dinner.

Looking and smelling like snacks, the durable rubber toys help keep dogs’ teeth and gums clean by preventing and
removing build-up as they chew, on the toys’ textured surfaces.

The toys all bring long-lasting, interactive play that helps relieve dogs’ boredom and calm separation anxiety, a
common problem for many pets and owners post lockdown. BPA-free, the toys come in a range of sizes and are
conveniently top rack dishwasher safe to make cleaning easy

Chompin’ Chicken Treat Holding Toy, RRP from £8.99 – while it is not
advisable to give chicken bones to dogs, pets can have hours of safe
playtime fun with this chicken-shaped toy. Treats can be added by
unscrewing the end and adding on a treat ring and for extra tastiness they
can smear nut butter or dog toothpaste in the outside grooves. To keep
dogs entertained for even longer, a treat ring can be slid through the grooves of the drumstick and after the rings
have gone, the toy’s chicken scent will keep dogs engaged.

Cravin’ Corncob Treat Holding Toy, RRP from £13.99 – this fun, cornshaped treat-dispensing toy is butter-scented and the bumps and
bristles help keep teeth clean while chewing. Treat rings can be easily
added by unscrewing the ends and sliding them on and owners can
smear nut butter or dog toothpaste on the corn kernels to lengthen playtime.

Slab O’Sirloin Treat Holding Toy, RRP from £9.99 – this beef-scented, steakshaped toy lets owners add up to two treat rings to its refillable SnapFit™
treat-holding cups and owners can smear food or toothpaste into the
grooves on the back of the sirloin to keep their dog entertained even longer. 

As well as the BBQ products, the new range also includes the Frosty
, (RRP from £4.99) – an ice cream shaped rubber treat toy that helps
dogs cool down while keeping them entertained. The toy holds dogs’
favourite frozen treats like flavoured water, broth, peanut butter, yoghurt
or even wet food for a slow feed option. With its vanilla scent, the toy will
keep dogs coming back for more even once the freezable treats have been eaten.

Electronic play for cats
As well as the new dog range, PetSafe® has also introduced two exciting new laser toys to make playtime even
more fun for cats.

Zoom Automatic Laser Light, RRP £26.99 – this hands-free toy provides felines
with twice the amount of fun with its two darting red dot lasers that rotate 360
degrees. Cats are instantly attracted to the lights and multiple cats can chase the
dynamic patterns the toy creates. As it operates with minimal electronic sounds,
even the most timid of cats can enjoy the toy, which features the safest laser
available for cat play. The Zoom also shuts off after 15 minutes to prevent cats
from becoming over-stimulated

Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light, RRP £20.99 – this mobile
automated laser toy moves around the floor randomly, while its laser
‘tail’ follows behind and creates patterns that are visually interesting
to cats. The toy always moves away from the laser to ensure the cats
are the ones creating the chase. Like the Zoom toy, it features the
safest laser available for cat play and automatically shuts off (after 10
minutes of play time). It also cleverly navigates out of corners and
from underneath furniture.

Rob Steele, Marketing Manager, PetSafe® Brand, said: “Our Play & Challenge range is one of our best
performing categories and we’re excited to be adding to the range with a set of products we’re
confident both dog and cat owners will love. As pet parents begin to spend increasing amounts of time
away from their pets post lockdown, finding new ways to keep pets active and engaged has never been
more important and we’re looking forward to hearing our customers’ feedback on the range.”