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2016 Press Releases

22 November 2016

La Marque PetSafe® Presente Sedona, sa Nouvelle Fontaine Drinkwell®

France Release

Changer régulièrement l’eau de la gamelle de son animal de compagnie est la mission qui incombe à tout propriétaire attentionné, car on l’ignore souvent mais chiens et chats doivent boire quotidiennement 70 ml d’eau par kg de poids. Soit l’équivalent d’une bouteille...

21 November 2016

“Fresh Drinking” for Thirsty Pets

UK Release

The latest addition to the popular Drinkwell® Pet Fountain range from PetSafe® Brand has been unveiled and is set to prove extremely popular with consumers seeking the latest solution for pets who aren’t taking in enough water.

Dogs and cats require 70ml of water per...

03 November 2016

Does Your Pet Have a Drinking Problem

Australian Release

Last week the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO revealed that Australia is encountering hotter, stronger and more frequent heatwaves than ever before and pet product expert PetSafe® Brand is urging pet owners not to forget to keep their furry friends fully hydrated...

13 October 2016

The Ultimate Game of Fetch Launches in the UK

UK Release

A game of fetch is heaven for most dogs, but it can become a little repetitive for owners who lovingly pitch balls in various directions while their dog shows no signs of tiring.

Luckily for weary pet owners, PetSafe® Brand has developed a stimulating yet simple play...

07 October 2016

Playtime for Gables Farm Kittens

UK Release

The kittens at Gables Farm Dogs’ and Cats’ Home may be forgiven for thinking that Christmas has come early this year following the delivery of a bag full of toys from a leading pet brand.

The team at PetSafe® Brand, who produce a range of toys, gadgets and training...

05 October 2016

Le NEC Plus Ultra Dy Jeu De Lancer De Balles

France Release

Si le jeu du « va chercher » est très prisé de la plupart des chiens, il devient vite lassant pour leurs maîtres, qui s’épuisent à leur jeter des balles dans diverses directions sans que l’animal ne montre de signes de fatigue.

Fort heureusement, la marque PetSafe®...

04 October 2016

Celebrate National Cat Day: Keeping Your Cat Happy While You’re Away at Work

Canada Release

October 29th is National Cat Day! To celebrate, we've put together our favourite PetSafe® Canada products to keep your furry friend from getting bored while you're away at work all day. FroliCat® BOLT™

Automatic Laser Light, $32.99 MSRP
An update on the popular...

03 October 2016

Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy This Bonfire Night

UK Release

Fireworks associated with Bonfire Night seem to go on longer and longer every year, starting before Halloween and lasting well into November. Very soon we’ll be hearing those familiar bangs in the distance and unfortunately so will our pets.

This is a notoriously...

08 September 2016

Time To Send Your Pets Back to School

UK Release

The children are sorted with new uniforms, fresh stationery and settling into life back at school – now it’s time to turn our attention to the family pet!

Whether it’s mischievous puppies and playful kittens, or older pets who have become set in their ways, there is...

02 September 2016

La marque PetSafe® ajoute deux nouveaux jouets à sa gamme Busy Buddy®

France Release

Dans la lignée de sa célèbre gamme de jouets distributeurs de friandises, PetSafe®, l’expert mondial en produits pour animaux domestique, lance Busy Buddy® Tortue et Busy Buddy® Dinosaure. Dotés d’un disque de friandise, ces jouets fantaisistes en forme d’animaux ont...

04 July 2016

PetSafe® Brand Launches New Products At PATS Telford

UK Release

Global pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand will unveil several new products at this year’s PATS.

The PetSafe® Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Programmable Digital Pet Feeder allows owners to customise their cat or dog’s feeding schedule for up to 12 meals per day.

Also being...

24 June 2016

PetSafe® Brand Launches It’s Annual Hydration Campaign

UK Release

Pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand has launched its annual hydration campaign and has been asking the nation, ‘Does Your Pet Have a Drinking Problem?’. The campaign is running throughout July to raise awareness of the importance of pet hydration.

The international...

03 June 2016

Some Exciting New Toys From PetSafe® Brand

Australia Release

Global pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand is proud to introduce some new additions to their Play and Challenge range of quality products:

Busy Buddy® Fun Durables

Consists of three animal shaped toys designed to help ensure a dog’s love of chewing is positive...