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Hailed as Heros: Four Superhero Pets Battle it out to Become the UK’s Pet Hero

10 novembre 2015

What does a dog with powers, a mutt who strives to help others, a special friendship and a cat who saves the lives of fellow felines all have in common? They are all in the running to become the UK’s Pet Hero 2015.

Celebrating pet heroes from all walks of life the national campaign, run by pet product expert PetSafe®, has been inundated with heart-warming stories from all over the country, proving that the UK’s cats and dogs really are the unsung heroes of the nation.

Mugly, named the World’s Ugliest Dog in 2011 due to only having one eyebrow for fur, was taken to a rescue centre at just three days old. He has since has since dedicated his life to helping others. A trained Pets as Therapy Dog he has raised thousand of pounds for charities including Guide Dogs for the Blind

Thanks to her super canine sniffing powers, Luna saved her owner from great distress. Suffering with Alzheimer’s, Luna’s owner misplaced a priceless family heirloom. Sensing her owners anguish, Luna didn’t stop searching until the ring was back in her owner’s hands.

The tale of an inseparable bond between a dog and a cat – Bonnie lost her best cat friend leading her into depression until little rescue cat Tia came in to her life. The two have since been inseparable with Tia bringing Bonnie back to her former self.

Darwin the rescue cat gave blood to save another cat’s life. With his calm and xx nature his owners knew he would unfazed by the procedure and thanks to him five month old Hobbs, who only had a 50% chance of survival, got to live.

Xx from Support Dogs, a national charity, comments: “Campaigns like this highlight how important pets are in our daily lives. From caring for their owners when they need them most, to helping people with disabilities and even saving the lives of their peers, the role of Britain’s cats and dogs stretches much further than the family pet.”

Angela Critchley, spokesperson for PetSafe®, also comments: “It is great that we can bring awareness to the amazing things our cats and dogs do for us on a daily basis. It was extremely hard to choose from all the heart warming stories we had in, but in the end these brave tales are the ones that stood out the most. Choosing the national winner will be a very difficult decision indeed.”

The national winner will be announced on the 1st December with the chance to win a pet friendly holiday and a year’s worth of pet products.