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Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? Success could be down to your pup Survey shows dog walking helps meet potential partners and friends

07 février 2024

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And if you're looking for love - or want to make a few more friends – your dog could hold the key to beautiful new relationships.

In a recent OnePoll survey of 2000 dog owners for global pet brand PetSafe®, almost half of respondents (41%) said they’ve become close to fellow dog walkers after their pups first hit it off. New friendships and relationships have eluded just 4% of those polled – making it a seemingly sure-fire way to widen your social circle.

Over half of those polled said that their pups pick up most pals whilst out on a walk (58%). So, if you’re waiting for Cupid’s arrow to hit, put on your walking shoes and hit the path of love.

For the majority of those questioned (62%), their first chance meetings led to phone number swapping in order to plan pooch playdates – bringing together pups and their owners for some outdoors exercise, friendship and fun. And love, for some.

Over three quarters (76%) say they feel guilty if their dog goes too long without seeing his chums.

TV personality Ben Fogle met his future wife when their dogs took an immediate shine to each other on a walk. And model Daisy Lowe is amongst many celebrities who found love whilst walking hers. There are even social dating apps to connect dog owners and their adorable pups, of course.
Almost half of those polled by PetSafe® (49%) consider the relationships their dogs have with their pooch pals to be that of boyfriend or girlfriend.

But it seems not every puppy wants to feel the love, with a tenth of respondents (9.7%) saying their dogs don’t interact, at all, with others.

Commenting on the survey, PetSafe’s Rob Steele said: “Dogs get you out in the fresh air, whatever the weather, and they’re a great conversation starter - not just in terms of romance, although they can certainly increase the odds. We all know that dog walking is one of the easiest ways to meet people, so what better time to get out and about, in the run up to Valentine’s Day, the day of love?

“Dogs enrich our lives in countless ways, but no matter what the motivation for bringing one into yours, their own health and happiness should be paramount. At PetSafe® we strive to make pet ownership as happy, healthy and convenient as possible – with our wide range of pet training systems, toys, travel accessories, pet doors and water fountains - unleashing a lifetime of joy.”

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