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PetSafe® Brand Launches New Products at Interzoo

26 peut 2016

EU Release

Global pet product expert, PetSafe® brand is taking the opportunity to unveil a wide range of new products at this year’s Interzoo.

Expanding the successful PetSafe® Health and Wellness range, the PetSafe® Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Programmable Digital Pet Feeder gives pet owners peace of mind knowing their pet is fed the right portion at the right time, whether they are home or away. Designed for both dogs and cats the Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ allows owners to customise their pet’s feeding schedule for up to 12 meals per day.  Holding both dry and semi-moist food, the Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ also boasts a pet proof dispenser to keep pets from accessing food with their paws. In addition, the removable stainless steel bowl makes it more hygienic for pets as well as dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Also being showcased for the first time at Interzoo, the Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer, is a remote-controlled reward system. Training dogs through positive reinforcement, it is great for solving problems such as begging, jumping and barking at the door. Helping redirect a dog’s focus, the Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer features a remote-controlled food dispenser with a hand-held remote that operates from up to 30.5 m away and two interchangeable food disks for both small and large kibble.

Further expanding its Play and Challenge category, the Automatic Ball Launcher is the premium choice in automatic fetch games. Using standard sized tennis balls that can be launched at six different angles at nine distances, the Automatic Ball Launcher is easy to carry and can be mains or battery operated. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, motion sensors ensure both dog and human safety whilst the automatic sleep mode means that dogs get rest as well as play.

Adding to its ever popular Busy Buddy® range five new additions will be showcased at this year’s exhibition. Designed to hold ring-shaped treats the new Busy Buddy® Treat-Holding Dinosaur and Turtle toys will keep dogs entertained and engaged in active play for hours. Similarly, the Cow Wow, Elephunk and Hippster treat-dispensing toys are animal shaped. All five toys offer a unique chewing experience, helping dogs move away from harmful chewing behaviour to encourage positive playtime.

Also on show will be the popular EasySport Harness in new colours blue, red, apple green and pink and new size Extra Small, plus the Easy Walk® Harness in the new Raspberry pink colour and an added addition to the range the Easy Walk® Duluxe Harness.

International Marketing Director, Angela Critchley says: “Interzoo is a great platform to promote new products and we always enjoy exhibiting at the show. This year we’ve got some fantastic new products to launch to the market and we’re looking forward to getting feedback from partners old and new.”


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PetSafe® brand launches new products at Interzoo

PetSafe® brand adds new products to popular toy range