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Radio Systems Corporation Announces Dynamic Partnership with Petfood Sweden

18 février 2016

Radio Systems Corporation, owner of the PetSafe® brand and SportDOG® Brand, has announced a dynamic partnership with PetFood Sweden – a highly regarded distributor operating across Scandinavian markets.

Sweden and Finland have been identified as priority markets for Radio Systems and the partnership with PetFood Sweden will support the organisation’s long-term strategy to further strengthen its offer in Scandinavia.

Increasingly pet ownership has grown in Scandinavia and in recent years dog training products have risen in popularity. PetFood Sweden will now work closely with Radio Systems to strengthen brand awareness and strategically distribute the extensive range of PetSafe® products.

Radio Systems Corporation Vice President – International, Brad van der Veen said:
“The market for dog training products continues to be strong in Scandinavia, with wide ranging pet products growing in popularity. Currently PetSafe® pet door and spray training products, along with our Drinkwell® Pet Fountains, are performing particularly well in Scandinavia and we are keen to build on this success.”

He added: “PetFood Sweden is a well established Swedish distributor with a strong track record and wide-ranging experience within the market, and we’re delighted to be working together.”