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Time To Send Your Pets Back to School

08 septembre 2016

UK Release

The children are sorted with new uniforms, fresh stationery and settling into life back at school – now it’s time to turn our attention to the family pet!

Whether it’s mischievous puppies and playful kittens, or older pets who have become set in their ways, there is always that niggling behaviour or habit that you just can’t seem to stop. Following a recent Pinterest survey* which showed that 69% of 2,000 respondents believe that small lifestyle improvements in September are much easier to achieve than New Year’s resolutions, now is the perfect time to begin a new training regime for your pet that will transform both yours and your pet’s life forever.

Does the dog always relieve himself on your best begonias? Perhaps your cat just won’t keep off the kitchen worktops. Or is pulling on the lead the bane of your life? Whatever the problem, there is a solution thanks to the experts at PetSafe® Brand, who have developed specially designed training tools, gadgets and toys to suit all temperaments and problems.

Angela Critchley, International Marketing Director for PetSafe® Brand, said: “Our core specialism is the safe, successful and effective training of both cats and dogs. We have a fantastic range of options for customers to choose from to find the solution that will best suit them and their pet. As the new school year begins there is no better time to address the naughty behaviours your pet has picked up. Successful training means a happy pet and a happy household.”

Toilet Training
Suitable for both cats and dogs and for use indoors and outdoors, Pet Loo™ - Portable Pet Toilet is ideal for potty training at any age. A great alternative to pee pads, the loo features a top layer of synthetic grass which allows urine to drain to the base and into a waste container which is removable for easy, mess-free clean up. Use PetSafe® Skip to My Loo™ eco-friendly scented solution to attract pets to the spot and place it wherever you want in your flat, garden or even in a rented holiday home. RRP - £101.99 - £148.99


Creating “Keep Off” Zones
If your four-legged friend stubbornly returns to work surfaces, bins or other restricted areas despite your repeated attempts at shooing them away, the ssscat™ Spray Deterrent will solve the problem instantly. Detecting pet movement from a metre away, the unit releases a quick, safe and odourless spray that will gently startle your pet and quickly teach them the area is strictly off limits. Suitable for both dogs and cats of any size. RRP - £41.99

Pulling on the Lead
If strangers constantly remark on how you’re the one “being taken for a walk” when you’re out with your dog, the Easy Walk® Harness is about to transform your world. The product range which is available in seven different sizes works by safely and gently discouraging your dog from pulling without choking or gagging. Unlike traditional Harnesses, your dog’s lead attaches to the front of the Harness which gently steers him to the side when he tries to pull. The range also includes a Headcollar and a kitty harness with a bungee lead for wayward cats! RRP - £8.99 - £22.99

To save your dog being landed with an ASBO, PetSafe® Brand have developed a range of options for owners seeking help for their dog’s unwanted barking. As part of the PetSafe® Brand core specialism, a unique set of products featuring spray, static, ultrasonic or vibration deterrent methods are available. Most of the products are in the form of a collar. Some products also detect both the sound and the vibrations of your dog’s vocal chords when barking to ensure consistent and accurate training. The PetSafe® Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control system is a great, discreet option for your garden, shaped like a birdhouse it emits an ultrasonic sound audible to any dog within a 15 metre radius and will deter repeat barkers as they quickly learn to adapt their behaviour. RRP - £23.99 - £91.99

Clicker Training
Finally, the popular “click and reward” style of training is a technique which can be adapted for all sorts of training to achieve desired results. The Clik-R™ Clip can be attached to a lead or used independently to teach your pet in a fun way that good behaviours mean clicks, and clicks mean treats! RRP - £4.99