The Importance of Play

At PetSafe®, we believe it is essential for your pet to take time out of their busy schedule and have some fun! Our Play & Challenge range will keep your pet busy and engaged and encourage play in order to keep them healthy and active. Dogs, cats, pups and kittens can enjoy hours of enjoyment by being kept alert with our innovative laser and teaser toys and even be rewarded with tasty treats, through our treat dispensing toys.

A dog’s natural instinct is to practice their hunting skills, to fetch, retrieve and forage. We continually look to design our Busy Buddy™ toys from our Play & Challenge range with this in mind.

Here is a small selection of Busy Buddy™ toys which we believe your dogs will love!

Busy Buddy® Squeak ‘n Treat Troog – The first treat dispensing squeak toy with two separate dispensing chambers. Built with our Treat Meter™ design which controls the flow of treat dispersal and irregular shape which offers an unpredictable bounce, the Troog™ is sure to make playtime last longer!

Busy Buddy® Bouncy Bone – This interactive bouncy bone is perfect for stronger chewers and is designed to provide your dog with increased chew time, by keeping them engaged for longer with a combination of both a rubber ball and refillable tasty treats.

Busy Buddy® Pogo Plush™ Ball – The traditional faux sheepskin covering, unique bounce back design and free-floating inner squeaker of the Pogo Plush™ makes for a more satisfying and longer lasting play than your regular plush toy.

Our Play & Challenge range also caters for your cat’s playful needs; our interactive Frolicat™ toys are specifically designed to stimulate a cat’s natural instinct to hunt and pounce!

Below are a handful of Frolicat® toys which will no doubt keep your cat busy whether you’re at home or away.

FroliCat® BOLT™ Automatic Laser Light – An interactive toy which produces an unpredictable and exciting laser pattern that is sure to keep your cat busy and have hours of fun.

FroliCat® POUNCE™ Rotating Cat Teaser – This automatic, rotating teaser toy will have your cat running in circles as it chases a mischievous electronic mouse around a circular path.

Funkitty Egg-Cersizer™ – A treat/feeding ball that dispenses treats from all angles. It is uniquely adjustable which means that you are in full control of how it dispenses treats in relation to your cats play!

Ultimately, by taking the time to extend your pet’s playtime, they will be healthier and more active and this will improve their quality of life and strengthen the bond you both share.

For more handy tips and guidance of how to keep your pet engaged, download our ‘How can I encourage my pet to play’ leaflet now.

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