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Veterinary consultant, David Chamberlain, was a practising vet for over 20 years and has a particular interest in pet behaviour. Today he is an advisor to PetSafe® and one of his key objectives is to identify opportunities to develop innovative, ethical, and efficacious pet accessories that will improve the quality of life for companion animals and that will promote a positive pet-owner relationship.

Grass-Seed Darts and Potential Risks

Grass-seed darts are a potential danger to pets during the summer and autumn months. There are many species of grass around the world that can present a threat, but two common problem species in the UK are Wall Barley and … Continue reading

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Dogs of Homeless People vs. Trained Pet Dogs

Working as a vet I came across many hyperactive, ill-mannered dogs. They would drag their owners into the waiting room, jump up at the reception desk then terrify innocent cats in baskets. On entering the consult room they would ignore … Continue reading

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Heatstroke and Dehydration

What to look out for in hot weather  In Britain summer is often said to start with the Elderflower blossom and end with the berry. On that basis we’re in the middle of summer, but in this topsy turvy year … Continue reading

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