New Year’s resolutions to help keep your pet healthy and happy

Around this time of year, lots of us think about what resolutions we might commit to this January to make it a healthy and happy year ahead, so why not do the same for your pet too? Here are some great ones to start you off – a lot of which may well benefit you both!

  • Check the ID is up to date (and present!) on your pet. Some of your details may have changed over the past year so make sure these are reflected on your pet’s ID tag or collar and you’ll be giving them the best chance to get back to you safely should they ever get lost.
  • Book in regular health check-ups with your vet to make sure any vaccinations are up to date and that overall your furry friend is in good health. There are many issues that present with no obvious symptoms so it’s advisable to have at least one annual examination for your pet.
  • Why not resolve to spend more quality time playing and interacting with your pet in 2015? Research shows how beneficial this is to both their and our own wellbeing and can help to strengthen your relationship too. It’s a good idea to think about making play or exercise time as engaging as possible to keep their mind active; just like us mental stimulation can help slow the deterioration that comes with age!
  • The beginning of the year is always a good time to reassess your pet’s diet and eating habits. Have a think about whether the food you’re giving them is suitable for their needs in terms of nutrition requirements. Also, is it age appropriate? If you have a more senior pet then they can have slightly different needs. Be mindful of giving them too many treats as well, it’s nice to spoil them now and again but if you notice you’re often guilty of giving them table scraps or leftovers it’s wise to consciously limit these.
  • Resolve to keep up with a regular grooming routine for your pet, which focuses on maintaining their coat, teeth and nails. Neglect of these areas can result in bad hygiene which will often lead to health issues, so tend to these on a regular basis to help keep them looking, and feeling, their best. Grooming is a great way for you as an owner to regularly check your pet for lumps and bumps too.
  • Quite often at least one of our resolutions is fitness or activity related, so you could combine this with your pet and try a new activity together. Doga (dog yoga) is a growing trend and there are many accessories to aid you and your dog to run together, it’s easier than ever for owners to involve their four-legged friend in a new hobby. It’s a great way to deepen your bond and get you both more active. Group activities for pets and their owners can add a social element and mean you may both meet some like-minded people (or animals)!


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