Dog walking in Summer


As we head into the hotter summer months, we make sure to look after ourselves, with suntan cream and keeping ourselves hydrated when we’re out and about. So at PetSafe® we wanted to turn the focus onto our walking companions to keep them happy and healthy.


In the heat we lose lots of water and need to replace it, same goes for our pups. When out on a walk, pack an extra bottle of water and travel bowl to give your furbaby a clean and safe water source. In the hotter days, partially freeze the water bottle to keep it cold all day long, and to keep your pup in good health avoid muddy puddles!

Dawn or Dusk

Once there are more hours of daylight, the mornings and evenings are a little cooler and pavements will have cooled down for a long walk for your pup’s comfort. The couple of hours after midday are when the sun is at its hottest so avoid walking where possible or stay in shaded or areas with easy access to water.

Spot fatigue

One telling sign of your dog being seriously affected by the sun is their energy levels. If you notice your dog acting more tired and excessively panting it could be an early sign of heatstroke, so to combat, move into a cool and shaded area and reduce your dogs temperature immediately with water.

Take them with you

In the ideal situation, dogs should never be left alone in a car on a hot day, the temperatures can reach dangerous highs very quickly and it can be fatal to your pup. Leaving a window open and parking in the shade is not enough for leaving a dog alone in the car, if possible leave on the air conditioning, but ideally don’t put them in the car if you can’t take them where you’re going. If you are witness and concerned about dog left in the car, call the RSPCA or the police, who will take appropriate actions.


When the heat hits, dogs are less inclined to eat a lot of food but there is nothing to be overly concerned about. As we move less through the summer, we burn less calories and so don’t need as many to replace them. If you are concerned your dog isn’t eating enough try a frozen meaty treat high in water content.


Frozen treats are the perfect summer accompaniment; a great idea is creating some pup popsicles with frozen broth and meaty treats, or why not try stuffing a toy with frozen peanut butter or treats? And if you’re looking for fuss free ideas- ice cube buckets or doggy ice cream is easily found in most supermarkets and pet stores!

So, this summer, stay aware when and where you’re taking your dog out and keep hydrated for a lovely summer to enjoy together.


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